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(Monsters from) Outer Limits
   Topps (Bubbles, Inc.) - 1964

   Reprint Set: Anonymous - 19??

Notes:  The original set was plagued with quite a few shortprints and overprints.
There is conflicting information about the "reprint" set; no date is marked, and
Lee Scott (thanks much!) reports that the copies are numbered sequentially and
marked "official" and the promos were distributed to dealers in a normal manner.
However, Non-Sport Update identifies a reprint set as unauthorized and of no
value; Tuff Stuff's Collect! magazine listed the reprint value at US$25 in 1999.
Thanks to Lee for the original checklist and to Tom Pernice and Eugene White for 
updates!  American Card Catalog reference is R713-2. Scans are posted at the 
Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   The Television Terror
  2   The Radio-Active Man
  3   Transparent Creature
  4   Terror from Space
  5   Man from Galaxy "X"
  6   The Jelly Creature
  7   The Unstoppable One
  8   Jelly Man Attacks
  9   Fangs of Death
 10   Visit from the Future
 11   Man from Tomorrow
 12   Monster from Venus
 13   Horror in the Woods
 14   Hunting New Victims
 15   Brainless Glob
 16   Man With Super Sight
 17   Not of This Wolrd
 18   Invasion of the Sea Beast
 19   The Sea Beast Strikes
 20   Fury of the Sea Beast
 21   Prize Catch
 22   The Captive Beast
 23   Human Insects
 24   "Invade Earth"
 25   Thing from Mercury
 26   The Death Ray
 27   The Doom Machine
 28   Twin Space Terrors
 29   Night of Terror
 30   The Invader
 31   The Mind Stealer
 32   "You Are in My Power"
 33   Incredible Ice Man
 34   Frozen Terror
 35   Plotting Destruction
 36   Bring in the Earthmen
 37   "You Can't Stop Me"
 38   The Brain Destroyer
 39   Martian Torture
 40   The Touch of Death
 41   Fearful Foe
 42   Captive Scientist
 43   Living Nightmare
 44   The Subterraneans
 45   The Clay Man
 46   Clay Man's Revenge
 47   The Clay Man's Next Victim
 48   Uninvited Guest
 49   The Escape
 50   Destruction of the Clay Man


 --   Title Card (Wrapper reproduction)


"Gold" Foil 1 of 1999 ("Promotional Card")

1 of 3   Man with Super Sight
2 of 3   Monster from Venus
3 of 3   The Brain Destroyer
  --     (3-card panel)

"Titanium" Foil 1 of 799 ("Promotional")

1 of 3   Man with Super Sight
2 of 3   Monster from Venus
3 of 3   The Brain Destroyer

"Premium Cards (5" x 7")

1 of 4   Man From Tomorrow
2 of 4   Fangs of Death
3 of 4   The Mind Stealer
4 of 4   Not of This World

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