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Outer Limits Reprint - Promotional Sets
Manufacturer and Year Unknown

Notes: Topps (under the "Bubbles Inc." trade name) published a 50-card
Outer Limits set in 1964. Later, an unauthorized reprint of this set
made it so far as to have several series of promotional cards.  Thanks 
much to Dennis Skowronski and Todd Jordan for the checklists!

No.       Title


#1 of 4   Man From Tomorrow
#2 of 4   Fangs of Death
#3 of 4   The Mind Stealer
#4 of 4   Not of This World

SET OF THREE NORMAL-SIZE CARDS (gold-foil borders, "1 of 1999", "Promotional")

#1 of 3   Man With Super Sight
#2 of 3   Monster From Venus
#3 of 3   The Brain Destroyer

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