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Oz Sketch Card Series
   5FINITY Productions - 2013

Notes: This release continues after the earlier Grimm Fairy Tales sets, and features 
the modern comic book series. It was initially marketed as a Zenescope exclusive at 
Wizard World Philadelphia 2013. Package art is by J. Scott Campbell and Nei Ruffino. 
Further information and scans are posted at the Scoundrel Art Community website.

300 packs of 1 sketch card each.

  Artist                # sketched

  Adam Cleveland             24
  Amber Stone
  Ana Rollins
  Arie Munroe
  Arley "Arturo" Tucker
  Ashleigh Popplewell         6
  Ben Dunn
  Bill Maus
  Chris Johnson
  Erica Hesse
  Huy Truong
  Jackie Santiago
  Jason Pedersen
  John Monserrat
  Kelly Everaert             18
  Kristin Allen               6
  Marco D. Carrillo
  Mary Bellamy
  Patrick Finch
  Robin Thompson
  Val Hochberg               12

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