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Return to Oz
Topps - 1985

Note:  The format is of "sticker-cards," with the story (including pictures) and a puzzle on
the backs.

No.   Title or (Character Pictured)       Back Text or (puzzle item)

  1   Return to Oz                        Return to Oz - Topps Storycards
  2   Follow the Yellow Brick Road...     Setting: Kansas, around the turn of the century. You
  3   (The Tin Woodsman)                  Hoping to "cure" Dortly of her strange hallucinations
  4   (Dortohy and Aunt Em)               Later that night in Dr. Worley's mansion, Dorothy Gal
  5   Wheelers                            An anxious Dr. Worley prepares Dorothy for the Electr
  6   (Head Nurse)                        Dorothy is rescued from the Electrical Machine by her
  7   (Dorothy and Billina)               The sinister Head Nurse chases Dorothy and her friend
  8   Cowardly Lion                       Separated from her rescuer, Dorothy finds herself in
  9   Billina                             And the shattered yellow bricks lead Dorothy and Bill
 10   Tik Tok                             Emerald City: once a fantasy land of gem-laden buildi
 11   Jack Pumpkinhead                    All the citizens of Emerald City have been turned int
 12   (Jack and Dorothy)                  Strange creatures known as "Wheelers" race after Doro
 13   (Chickens)                          Dorothy befriends Tik Tok, a wonderful mechanical man
 14   (Jack, Dorothy, Tik Tok, Gump)      After a wild battle, Tik Tok captures the Lead Wheele
 15   Chicken! Chicken! Chicken!          Princess Mombi: ruler of what remains of Emerald City
 16   The Scarecrow                       A beautiful young woman greets Dorothy in the mirrore
 17   This is NO WAY to treat royalty!    31 glass-doored cabinets: within each lies the head o
 18   Mombi Held!                         The enraged Princess pushes Dorothy and Billina into
 19   (The whole crew)                    In Mombi's Tower Room, Dorothy and Billina meet a lik
 20   (Dorothy and Mombi)                 As her friends assemble an escape vehicle, Dorothy ap
 21   (Scarecrow)                         The "flying sofa" assembled by Dorothy's friends, sti
 22   All's not lost, little Dorothy...   The Gump - a flying sofa with a moose head - soars in
 23   (Jack and Dorothy)                  Princess Mombi shouts from the high tower as Dorothy
 24   Tin Man                             The mysterious mountain lair of the Nome King! One by
 25   (Lion and Dorothy)                  "Each of you," says the Nome King, "has three chances
 26   (Statue'd victim)                   Dorothy now realizes that green ornaments were origin
 27   Home - There's No Place Like It!    Jack Pumpkinhead is suddenly picked up and held by hi
 28   (Jack and Dorothy)                  As the mountain crumbles, Dorothy takes the magical r
 29   (Nome King)                         It's a day of thanksgiving as crowds of Emerald City
 30   (Scarecrow)                         Princess Mombi - now a helpless old woman in a cage -
 31   Nome King                           With Dorothy's help, the reflection of Princess Ozma
 32   (Gump, Scarecrow, Dorothy, Jack)    Finally, it is time for Dorothy to leave the enchante
 33   (Gump)                              Back in Kansas, Dorothy stares at her reflection in t
 34   (Tik Tok and Dorothy)               (puzzle left row 5)
 35   Ozma                                (puzzle left row 4)
 36   Imagination is the key!             (puzzle left row 3)
 37   I am not alive...                   (puzzle left row 2)
 38   Toto                                (puzzle left row 1)
 39   Through the Looking Glass           (puzzle right row 5)
 40   Princess Mombi                      (puzzle right row 4)
 41   I love Tik Tok                      (puzzle right row 3)
 42   (Jack Pumpkinhead)                  (puzzle right row 2)
 43   The Gump                            (puzzle right row 1)
 44   Dorothy                             (completed Red Border puzzle Picture A)

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