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The Wizard of Oz
Pacific - 1990

Note:  A different set was issued by DuoCards in 1996.

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Sets: approx. 3.27 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   The Wizard of Oz
  2   Dorothy and Toto escape Miss Gulch
  3   The Farm House
  4   Your Head Ain't Made of Straw
  5   Dorothy falls into the Pig Pen
  6   Mrs. Gale Feeds the Hired Hands
  7   A Place Far, Far Away
  8   Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  9   Miss Gulch Bicycles to the Farm
 10   Destroy that Dog!
 11   Toto Escapes from the Basket
 12   The Professor's Crystal Ball
 13   The Professor Speaks!
 14   I've Got to go Home Right Away
 15   It's a Twister
 16   Dorothy and Toto inside the Cyclone
 17   We're not in Kansas Anymore
 18   Munchkinland
 19   I'm not a Witch at All
 20   Kansas is the Name of the Star
 21   The House began to Pitch
 22   Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead
 23   The Wicked Old Witch is Dead
 24   We Welcome you to Munchkinland
 25   The Lollypop Guild
 26   The Ruby Slippers
 27   The Ruby Slippers are on Dorothy's Feet
 28   The Wizard of Oz?
 29   The Yellow Brick Road
 30   Follow the Yellow Brick Road
 31   Dorothy Meets the Scarecrow
 32   I Haven't Got a Brain
 33   I Can't Even Scare a Crow
 34   Do? Why if I had a Brain I Could...
 35   Where's Kansas
 36   Dorothy and Scarecrow off to Oz
 37   Off to See the Wizard
 38   Dorothy and the Apple Trees
 39   The Tin Man
 40   I've held that Ax up for Ages
 41   No Heart?
 42   If I only had a Heart
 43   Come with Us and ask the Wizard for a Heart
 44   The Wicked Witch Appears
 45   To Oz!
 46   Lions and Tigers and Bears!
 47   They Meet the Lion
 48   The Cowardly Lion
 49   I'm Afraid of 'Em
 50   The Wizard will give you Some Courage
 51   If I Only had the Nerve
 52   Poppies! Poppies! Poppies will Put them to Sleep
 53   The Emerald City
 54   This is a Spell
 55   The Good Witch Breaks the Spell
 56   To Emerald City
 57   The Gates of the Emerald City
 58   Well Bust my Buttons!
 59   Horse of a Different Color
 60   The Merry old Land of Oz
 61   That Certain Air of Savoir-Faire
 62   Surrender Dorothy
 63   Nobody can see the Great Oz!
 64   But She's Dorothy
 65   King of the Forest
 66   Imposgterous!
 67   Courage!
 68   I Had an Aunt Em Myself
 69   I'm Still Scared
 70   The Great Power of Oz
 71   I Mean...Your Wizardry!
 72   Bring me her Broomstick!
 73   The Haunted Forest
 74   The Winged Monkeys
 75   They Tore my Legs Off!
 76   In the Witch's Castle
 77   Run, Toto, Run!
 78   I'm Frightened, Auntie Em
 79   Dorothy's in that Awful Place
 80   Rescue Dorothy!
 81   In the Wicked Witch's Castle
 82   The Escape from the Witch's Castle
 83   Ring Around the Rosy
 84   The Wicked Witch is Dead!
 85   They Return to Oz
 86   The Wizard is Exposed
 87   I'm a Humbug!
 88   I'm Just a Very Bad Wizard
 89   I've got a Brain
 90   A Member of the Legion of Courage
 91   Look! It Ticks!
 92   Dorothy Next!
 93   Balloon Trip
 94   Toto Jumps from the Balloon Basket
 95   The Good Witch Glinda Helps
 96   What Have You Learned?
 97   Toto Too!
 98   Goodbye, I'll Miss You
 99   There's No Place Like Home
100   Oh, Auntie Em, It's You!
101   She's Got Quite a Bump
102   But it Wasn't a Dream!
103   Oh, but Anyway Toto, We're Home
104   The Wizard of Oz is a most remarkable ...
105   A little girl searching for a home ...
106   Dorothy Gale's 'Wiz Quiz
107   Cowardly Lion 'Wiz Quiz
108   The Tin Woodman 'Wiz Quiz
109   The Scarecrow 'Wiz Quiz
110   The Cast

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