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Package Parodies Stickers
   NewHamm Productions - 2000/2003/2010

Notes:  Thanks much to Genny Carr for the original list and Paige Kimball for updates!

The series was first released in 2000 at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show, and reissued 
more widely in packs and boxes in 2002/2003. Included were two parallel sets: 1500 
boxes were originally produced, with 135 having "Black/Grey Crudlow" back-printing 
and 15 with "Red Crudlow" back-printing. Others had standard white sticker backs. 
Factory boxed sets were released in 2002-2003. "Lie-Cuts" were produced on heavier 
card stock, with fake die-cut borders, and sold separately as full packs. Other reports 
state there were 3420 white-back sets, 300 Black/Grey sets, and 30 Red sets, which 
doesn't exactly match the arithmetic for a 1500-box print run plus boxed sets.

Two  wrapper variations are seen in boxes: "Visit Us On The Web!" (most common) 
and "Lie-Cuts" (scarcer). Further information and scans are found at the NewHamm 
web archive.

2003 Box: 48 packs of 2 stickers + 1 puzzle piece/checklist. 1500 numbered boxes.
Sticker sets (30): approx. 2.30 per box if collation were perfect.
Puzzle sets (9): approximately 5.33 per box.


    Bar Wars Tape
    Cannibals Soup
    Croak Beverage
    Cruél Cream
    Dodos Cakes
    Dredge No Gel
    Epoxy Tooth Paste
    JIP 3-Nut Butter
    Mold Medal
    Pathetic Parodies
    POW Cigarettes
    Sam Mule Lager
    Shredded Feet Breakfast Cereal
    Spastic Jerkins
    Struggle Sheets
    Sushi Juice
    Top Frite
    Twigs Bar

"Pathetic Parodies Stinkers" Puzzle Pieces / Checklists

    (puzzle top left)
    (puzzle top middle)
    (puzzle top right)
    (puzzle center left)
    (puzzle center)
    (puzzle center right)
    (puzzle bottom left)
    (puzzle bottom middle)
    (puzzle bottom right)


Lie-Cuts Series 1 (1200 sets; sold separately; 2000)

  1   Croaka-Cola
  2   Oldfish
  3   Shredded Feet
  4   Scream
  5   Cannibal's
  6   Bar Wars
  7   POW Cigarettes
  8   * Dodos [misspelled "Extint"; original distribution]
  8   * Dodos [corrected "Extinct"; replacement; scarcer]
  9   Sammule Adams
 10   Moon-Made

Lie-Cuts Series 2 (1200 sets; sold separately; 2002)

  1   Ghoul's-Eye
  2   Land O Fakes
  3   Ape-Nuts
  4   Bolt Cola
  5   Ghostitos
  6   * Axewell House [green artwork; original distribution]
  6   * Hippy [mis-aligned die-cut; replacement #1; scarcest]
  6   * Hippy [corrected die-cut; replacement #2; most common]
  7   Marlboaro
  8   Space Picsante
  9   Harpies Bizarre
 10   Rumblebee

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)
 --   Axewell House [purple artwork]


P1    Mentoes
P2    Mold Medal
P3    Package Parodies [Checklist]
P4    Ghouls-Eye
P5    Rumblebee
P6    Marlboaro
LC2   Lie-Cuts Series 2
--    Epoxy Care (500 made, not released; less than 10 observed)

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