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Pac-Man Stickers
   Fleer - 1980
   Fleer Limited (Canada) - 1982

Notes: The U.S. release (perhaps also the Canadian release, can anybody confirm?) is 
seen in three varieties, commonly termed "Version A", "Version B", and "Version C". 
A and C both have blue ink on card backs, and I assume B was a different color. A is 
known as the "no eyes" version because Pac-Man and monsters do not show eyes, 
while C shows eyes and enhancements to the monsters. Other differences include 
printing colors and the location of the copyright. I show under "style" whether the 
stickers show Pac-Man and monsters versus Certificate-style images, because the 
latter would not show the "eyes" variations but may be different in other ways.

Fleer Box: 36 packs of 3 stickers + 3 cards + gum.
Common sets: approx. 2.00 per box if collation were perfect.
Fleer Limited Packs: 1 sticker + 3 cards + gum.

    No.    Title                                                  Style

 1 of 54   Waka! Waka! Waka!                                      Pac-Man
 2 of 54   Charge! - Feet don't fail me now!                      Pac-Man
 3 of 54   Official Pac-Man Fan Club                              Certificate
 4 of 54   US Pac-Man Team                                        Certificate
 5 of 54   Pac-Man Operators License                              Certificate
 6 of 54   Slide out the side door - I'm cookin' now              Pac-Man
 7 of 54   You'd smile too if you could eat monsters!             Pac-Man
 8 of 54   Never! - Let's get together!                           Pac-Man
 9 of 54   Waka! Waka! Waka! Gulp!                                Pac-Man
10 of 54   Waka! Waka! - Here comes Jaws!                         Pac-Man
11 of 54   Slide out the side door - I'm cookin' now              Pac-Man
12 of 54   Pac-Man for President                                  Certificate
13 of 54   Headquarters Counseling Available                      Certificate
14 of 54   For Challenge Call ____                                Certificate
15 of 54   Where are those monsters? - The Pac-Man knows          Pac-Man
16 of 54   I have Pac-Man hangover!                               Pac-Man
17 of 54   How about it? - Let's get together                     Pac-Man
18 of 54   I'm quick but you're quicker - Eat my dust!            Pac-Man
19 of 54   Try it. - You'll like it!                              Pac-Man
20 of 54   Be kind to Pac-Man!                                    Pac-Man
21 of 54   Repairman / Join the Pac-Man Majority!                 Certificate
22 of 54   Pac-Man Bites Back!                                    Certificate
23 of 54   U.S. Pac-Man Team                                      Certificate
24 of 54   Free lunch! - I'm cooked now!                          Pac-Man
25 of 54   Good to the Last Bite                                  Pac-Man
26 of 54   School's out, Pac-Man's In!                            Pac-Man
27 of 54   Are you kidding? - Waka! Waka! Waka! Waka!             Pac-Man
28 of 54   How far can you go?                                    Certificate
29 of 54   Gotcha! - Mommy!                                       Pac-Man
30 of 54   Kiss My Pac-Man                                        Certificate
31 of 54   I'll Get You Monsters!                                 Certificate
32 of 54   National Pac-Man Day / Pac-Man Does It With Monsters   Certificate
33 of 54   Happiness is a hungry Pac-Man                          Pac-Man
34 of 54   Catch me if you can!                                   Pac-Man
35 of 54   Ead my dust Pac-Man!                                   Pac-Man
36 of 54   Yeah! - Support your local Pac-Man!                    Pac-Man
37 of 54   Waka! Waka! Waka! Waka! - Here comes Jaws!             Pac-Man
38 of 54   Shhh... Pac-Man is watching!                           Pac-Man
39 of 54   Weekends Were Made for Pac-Man                         Certificate
40 of 54   Got "Em on the Run                                     Certificate
41 of 54   Don't Play This Game... Pac-Man Is Better              Certificate
42 of 54   Waka! Waka! Waka! Waka! - Are you kidding?             Pac-Man
43 of 54   Pac-Man does it again - Gotcha!                        Pac-Man
44 of 54   Waka! Waka! Waka! Waka! - Look out!                    Pac-Man
45 of 54   I'm eatin' everything in sight!                        Pac-Man
46 of 54   Watch out for Pac-Man!                                 Pac-Man
47 of 54   Let's get together - What if we're caught?             Pac-Man
48 of 54   Report Card                                            Certificate
49 of 54   I'm cookin' - Slide out the side door                  Pac-Man
50 of 54   We Want / Pac-Man Does It With Monsters                Certificate
51 of 54   Happiness is a hungry Pac-Man                          Pac-Man
52 of 54   Ready? - I am!                                         Pac-Man
53 of 54   Catch me if you can!                                   Pac-Man
54 of 54   Waka! Waka! Waka! Waka! - Who me?                      Pac-Man

Rub-Off Game Cards

        (Cards appear identical before dots are "scratched off"; scratched cards are
         not considered "mint" condition. The different versions offer different scores
         for uncovering white dots, blue monsters, cherries, or red/orange/pink
         monsters in different locations.)

     --    (28 different)


     --    (white; Fleer)
     --    (yellow; Fleer Limited)

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