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Package Parodies Series Two
   NewHamm Productions - 2009

Notes: Series Two was released in 2009, with full knowledge that another set would follow 
in 2010 (because of the intermingled promo numbers). The equivalent of 3750 sets was 
produced: 3500 with white backs, 300 with "Rare Grey Crudlow" backs, and 30 with "Ultra-
Rare Red Crudlow" backs. A factory set was also available. Thanks to David Rosciszewski 
for the promo assist!

Box: 48 packs of 2 sticker-cards + 1 puzzle checklist + 1 "fake gum" card.
Common sets (30): approx. 3.2 per box if collation were perfect.

Sticker-Cards (2:pack)

 No.     Title

         Axewell House
         Baby Ruthless
         Barbee Doll
         Bolt Cola
         Ghoul's Eye
         Hagu Sauce
         Harpies Bizarre Magazine
         Hippy Peanut Butter
         Hobotussin DT
         Hot Whales
         Kibbles 'n Bats
         Klutz Chips
         Land O Fakes
         Mime Magazine
         Mummy Bears
         Packaged Parakeets
         Pest Re-Odorant Soap
         Rumble Bee
         Slacker Jack
         Slap Stick
         Space Picante
         Thing Syrup
         Ultra Downer Softener

"Packaged Parakeets" Checklist Puzzle Cards (1:pack)

         (puzzle top left)
         (puzzle top middle)
         (puzzle top right)
         (puzzle center left)
         (puzzle center middle)
         (puzzle center right)
         (puzzle bottom left)
         (puzzle bottom left)
         (puzzle bottom left)

Fake Bubble Gum Cards (1:pack; not included in factory sets)

1 of 6   Complete
2 of 6   Cracked
3 of 6   Chipped
4 of 6   Cheated
5 of 6   Chomped
6 of 6   Chewed

Lie-Cuts Stickers Series 3 (1200 sets; sold separately; 2009)

         Get a Life
         Klutz Potato Chips
         Newton's Own
         Slacker Jack


    Four different wrapper designs each contain 1 promo, 1 previously 
    released sticker, and 1 checklist puzzle.

  P7     Checklist [blue front; different from P7 in 2010 promo pack]
  LC3    Lie-Cuts Series 3

  p8     Harpie's Bizarre     2009 Halloween Witch pack
  p11    Mummy Bears          2009 Halloween Mummy pack
  p14    Stake-em             2009 Halloween Vampire pack
  p15    Hot Whales           2009 Halloween Skeleton pack

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