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Package Parodies Series 2010
   NewHamm Productions - 2010

Notes: This release was made in three phases, each with three wrapper designs each 
with one non-sticker card and 1 "sketch" puzzle piece per pack. Fewer than 1200 
set equivalents were produced. Thanks to David Rosciszewski for the promo assist!

Phase 1 Packs (Christmas; 3 pack designs): 1 card + 1 sketch puzzle checklist.
Phase 2 Packs (Spring; 3 pack designs): 1 card + 1 sketch puzzle checklist.
Phase 3 Packs (Summertime; 3 pack designs): 1 card + 1 sketch puzzle checklist.
2010 Trick or Treat Halloween Clusters: 2 cards or stickers.

 No.     Title

Sticker-Cards (2:pack)

Phase 1

    Kringles Chips
    Land O Cakes
    Roboli Pizza Gear

    Hippy Sketch
    Hobotussin Sketch
    Hot Whales Sketch

    Wrappers: Beatnik Santa Claus, The Whale, Elf & Cow

Phase 2

    Ducky Charms
    Flabby Road Ate-Track
    Spysol Cleaner

    Klondork Bar Sketch
    Slap Stick Sketch
    Stake-em Sketch

    Wrappers: George, Paul & Ringo, John

Phase 3

    Skeeter Pan
    Smellman's Mayo
    Troggle Word Game

    Barbee Doll Sketch
    Flabby Road Sketch
    Hagu Study Sketch

    Wrappers: Duck, Chef, Detective

"Package Parodies" Checklist Puzzle Cards (1:pack)

   1    (puzzle top left)
   2    (puzzle top middle)
   3    (puzzle top right)
   4    (puzzle center left)
   5    (puzzle center middle)
   6    (puzzle center right)
   7    (puzzle bottom left)
   8    (puzzle bottom left)
   9    (puzzle bottom left)

Lie-Cuts Stickers Series 4 (1200 sets; sold separately; 2011)

  1   Lead & Shoulders
  2   Glove Bar
  3   T. Rex
  4   Farmer All
  5   Endus
  6   Jack Spaniels
  7   Del Mantis
  8   Milky Hay
  9   Sluggies
 10   Briskies


    Each pack held 3 promos.

p7    Get a Life           2010 Halloween pack
p9    Bugweiser            2010 Halloween pack (exclusive)
p10   Klondork             2010 Halloween pack
p12   Ultra Downer         2010 Halloween pack
p13   Thing Syrup          2010 Halloween pack
        (no p16)
p17   Flabby Road          2010 Halloween packs (exclusive)

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