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Betty Page - Forty Private Peaks <sic>
   MotherBomb Press - 1993

Notes:  Distributed as a boxed factory set, cards are slightly oversized, 2-3/4" 
x 3-3/4". Card backs form a large picture, which is why there are two blank-
front cards provided to fill in the corners. No nudity is shown, and there are 
no card numbers or titles.

    Scene Description

    Betty Page - Pin-up extraordinaire of the 1950's (cover card)

    (white outfit on carpet)
    (black lace with white apron)
    (kneeling to fasten up another gal)
    (belly dancer, calves on floor)
    (black two-piece, being hugged)
    (dancing, black top, sparkly bottom)
    (arms out, black mini with white trim)
    (on stage in black/sparkly, displaying rear)
    (standing in black/apron, fastening gal)
    (on stage in black mini, displaying rear)
    (on stage in black/sparkly, bent elbows)
    (tiger pattern, right foot on hassock)
    (on stage in black with frings, displaying rear)
    (in white, kicking left leg, before couch)
    (tiger pattern, foot on hassock with cigarette)
    (pursed lips before silver-draped chaise lounge)
    (standing/smiling before silver-draped chaise)
    (in shiny black before gown rack)
    (black two-piece before silver-draped, display rear)
    (white 2-piece, prone on silver bedspread)
    (black 2-piece with flower burst, top of riser)
    (kneeling in black/apron, fasting gal)
    (kicking up left leg before silver-draped)
    (kneeling belly-dancer, holding hair up)
    (kneeling accepting spanking)
    (between drapes with tool, black-border top)
    (sitting in black with whip)
    (in black before silver-draped, right hip jutting)
    (hip thrust, in white with darker bodice)
    (dancing with hat)
    (before silver drape, in black with white under)
    (patterned two-piece against striped wall)
    (black/sparkly before silver drapes)
    (in black with right knee raised before silver spread)
    (in black with left knee raised before silver spread)
    (leopard one-piece, as if running)
    (sitting on silver spread with left leg raised)
    (sitting in chair with left leg raised)
    (in black with long black cape, before spread)
    (on couch, left knee and right foot down)

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