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Betty Page IV - Passion
   Mother Productions - 1992

Notes: Sold as a boxed set of 40 black-and-white photographs plus two 
text cards. Card backs form four nine-card puzzles. Cards are 2-3/4" x 
3-3/4". No card numbers or titles are shown, so I try to give a brief 
description of the scene, including the direction Bettie is facing.

    Scene / Profile

Betty Page Series I Puzzle

    sofa, sitting, half L
    mirror, standing, back
    chair, sitting legs up, front
    platform, sitting R leg crossed, half L
    stage, kneeling arms behind head, half L
    stage, kneeling L, right
    bed, standing R arm up, back
    stage, kneeling belly out, half L
    room, sawhorse, bondage ropes

Betty Page Series II Puzzle

    sofa, kneeling R, half L
    park, standing arms by sides, half L
    driveway, standing R arm at head, front
    floor with sofas, standing lean arms at hips
    stage, kicking L leg, R
    lamp and sofa, standing arms behind, R
    sofa, sitting L leg raised, R
    platform, sitting scarf raised, half L
    portrait white blouse, L arm bent to hip

Betty Page Series III Puzzle

    floor at sofa, standing rear out, back half R
    stage, kneeling harem skirt, half L
    sofa, kneeling L, R
    stage, R leg on hassock, half L
    stage, standing R leg out corset, front
    workshop, bondage pulleys and ropes
    sofa, accepting spanks
    sofa, administering spanks
    sofa, sitting raising R garter, front

Betty Page Series IV Puzzle

    floor, being sat upon
    floor, legs raised, legs and feet tied
    sofa and lamp, sitting hands at knees, L
    sofa and lamp, kicking R leg, vaudeville hat
    stage, standing on L leg R leg up, half L
    dressing room, sitting R leg up, 1/4 R
    curtain, standing hands near shoulders, front
    mirror and ashtray, leaning forward, back
    stage mirror, fixing hair, back

Betty Page & Friends Coming June 1992

    floor, legs and feet tied, on arms tied behind
    tied to sleeper sofa, back
    floor, sitting, arms tied to legs
    tied to settee, gagged

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--  Betty Page IV: Passion [card box]

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