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Betty Page Series Two
   Mother Productions - 1992

Notes:  Distributed as a boxed factory set, cards are slightly oversized, 2-3/4" 
x 3-3/4" with purple borders. Card backs form a large picture. A few cards feature 
partial nudity; there are no card numbers or titles. Paul LeBlank provided the 
box-cover artwork.

    Scene                                                Puzzle Piece

    cast-iron chair, checkered backdrop                  row 1 column 1
    table and pillow, R leg out                          row 1 column 2
    leopard one-piece, circle                            row 1 column 3
    black leather dress, showing garters                 row 1 column 4
    lounging on patterned sofa, R leg up                 row 1 column 5
    sitting striped top, knees up                        row 1 column 6
    white feathered collar, striped chair                row 2 column 1
    sitting knees up, striped chair                      row 2 column 2
    black two-piece with flower, cheering                row 2 column 3
    narrow striped dress, sitting on table               row 2 column 4
    black collar, sitting on table, hands down           row 2 column 5
    kneeling on table                                    row 2 column 6
    laced leopard, on toes squatting                     row 3 column 1
    white lace lingeree whip                             row 3 column 2
    black bow top, hands on thighs, curtain              row 3 column 3
    white top gray skirt, chair arm                      row 3 column 4
    black, lamp and wall between drapes                  row 3 column 5
    black top, striped chair, L leg on chair arm         row 3 column 6
    dancing, white suit with codpiece                    row 4 column 1
    high-kicking L leg                                   row 4 column 2
    dropping dress before curtain                        row 4 column 3
    striped two-piece, rear standing before sofa         row 4 column 4
    black lingeree gold sofa,  L knee up                 row 4 column 5
    black lingeree, reclining on sofa, L knee up         row 4 column 6
    kneeling on chair, R knee standing                   row 5 column 1
    white star lingeree, standing before sofa            row 5 column 2
    black-trimmed white lingeree, standing before sofa   row 5 column 3
    leaning on gray chair L arm                          row 5 column 4
    sitting on table, knees up                           row 5 column 5
    reading lying on carpet                              row 5 column 6
    black two-piece, dancing before table, curtain       row 6 column 1
    leaning before curtain R hand on knee                row 6 column 2
    L knee on ottoman, R foot on floor                   row 6 column 3
    sitting on carpet, R leg held up                     row 6 column 4
    black sitting on silk sofa cover, L knee up          row 6 column 5
    striped two-piece, pushups                           row 6 column 6
    chestpuffs, between drapes                           row 7 column 1
    dropping black wrap before silk sofa cover           row 7 column 2
    hands on hips before squares-pattern wall            row 7 column 3
    sitting on table, L foot on floor                    row 7 column 4
    striped two-piece, arms up, hands at chest           row 7 column 5
    stockinged nude, pillow and striped spread           row 7 column 6

    Betty Page Pin Up Extraordinaire
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