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Betty Page Series III: Betty in Bondage
   Mother Productions - 1991

Notes: The 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" cards came in a boxed set, and feature (mostly) black-
and-white or sepia photos, unnumbered and untitled with puzzle backs.

   Card Front Scene                            Card Back

   (roped and gagged)                          puzzle row 1 column 1
   (whip on corner table)                      puzzle row 1 column 2
   (tied to hassock legs)                      puzzle row 1 column 3
   (tying hands behind back, bag over head)    puzzle row 1 column 4
   Cover Art By: Paul LeBlanc                  puzzle row 1 column 5
   Mother Productions                          puzzle row 1 column 6
   (stringing up outdoors)                     puzzle row 2 column 1
   (tying ankles, masked)                      puzzle row 2 column 2
   (tied to upended chair)                     puzzle row 2 column 3
   (banding while standing in mask)            puzzle row 2 column 4
   (smiling on sofa with whip)                 puzzle row 2 column 5
   (kneeling on vinyl couch with whip)         puzzle row 2 column 6
   (tied up on back on floor)                  puzzle row 3 column 1
   (tying around garter, knee up on chair)     puzzle row 3 column 2
   (sitting on gray sofa with whip)            puzzle row 3 column 3
   (tying back, taped mouth on sofa)           puzzle row 3 column 4
   (knee up on stepladder)                     puzzle row 3 column 5
   (gloved arms on chest)                      puzzle row 3 column 6
   (tied between two trees)                    puzzle row 4 column 1
   (pulling cord, rope in mouth)               puzzle row 4 column 2
   (sitting on and twisting arm)               puzzle row 4 column 3
   (sitting on step chair with whip)           puzzle row 4 column 4
   (spanking on sofa with silver drape)        puzzle row 4 column 5
   (decorating Christmas tree)                 puzzle row 4 column 6
   (elbows tied to knees on carpet)            puzzle row 5 column 1
   (tying hands behind back on cot)            puzzle row 5 column 2
   (spanking while standing)                   puzzle row 5 column 3
   (spanking while tied to pillar)             puzzle row 5 column 4
   (hand spanking tied to wall)                puzzle row 5 column 5
   (dancing on stage)                          puzzle row 5 column 6
   (spanking on patterned sofa)                puzzle row 6 column 1
   (tied and gagged standing on wood floor)    puzzle row 6 column 2
   (tied on wood floor splayed out)            puzzle row 6 column 3
   (tied to four pulleys)                      puzzle row 6 column 4
   (finishing tying to wall)                   puzzle row 6 column 5
   (tying prone on carpet)                     puzzle row 6 column 6
   (sitting on floor in shackles)              puzzle row 7 column 1
   (smiling while tied to light chair)         puzzle row 7 column 2
   (applying chains to wrists)                 puzzle row 7 column 3
   (roped to pulleys from back)                puzzle row 7 column 4
   (tied on puffy hassock)                     puzzle row 7 column 5
   (tied but not gagged on wood floor)         puzzle row 7 column 6

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