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Shel-Tone - 1991

Notes:  Originally distributed as a boxed factory set "for mature 
collectors." The images came from the estate of a photographer and 
had not previously been published.

No.   Card Text

  1   Betty Page was (and is) the dream girl of many
  2   Betty developed a fair-sized following during
  3   This renewed interest undoubtably began with P
  4   This material had a profound influence on well
  5   Dave modeled the female lead role (re-named Je
  6   Her current popularity has even given birth to
  7   What did Betty Page have that warranted such a
  8   Why not other men's magazines favorites, of th
  9   Many of her current crop of fans weren't even
 10   Betty left New York City shortly after the Fed
 11   It's common knowledge among Betty fans that Kl
 12   Klaw noticed that a number of his male custome
 13   One day, a wealthy customer offered to pay for
 14   As long as the said customer got a set of the
 15   Of course this soon blossomed into further ses
 16   He later expanded into 8mm film shorts. Surpri
 17   She soon became Klaw's (and our) favorite, fea
 18   People started collecting photos of Betty over
 19   One of the few people who really did know her
 20   One reason why Betty's pictures might seem so
 21   The Betty Page look has been copied for so lon
 22   Rumors have it that Irving and Paula Klaw disc
 23   No matter how she was discovered, we are all g
 24   Old magazines with pictures of Betty Page are
 25   Luckily many of her best photos have been repr
 26   Some of her photos depict her in the weirdest
 27   In addition to doing a number of shorts for Kl
 28   Some of her film shorts are again available, o
 29   The color pictures that grace these trading ca
 30   Some of these shots were taken on camera club
 31   A number of othr lovely models were included i
 32   Betty's smoldering sexuality appeals to both m
 33   Truly a cultural icon, she rivals Brigitte Bar
 34   Where Is Betty Page Today? The rumors fly fast
 35   Some say she has a lookalike daughter who oper
 36   Shel-Tone hopes you have enjoyed this card set

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