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Bettie Page: The Private Collection (Set 2)
  Versicolor Productions - 2013

Notes: Sketch cards and Artist Signature Cards for Set 1 and Set 2 are on the same 
card stock, showing a 2011 copyright. Each sketch is numbered (with double-sided 
sketches in a separate sequence in red. Most sketches through about #1300 were 
released with Set 1 (1353 is the highest I've seen), while higher-numbered cards 
and a selection of lower-numbered sketches were found in Set 2 tins. Additional 
memorabilia items have not yet  been observed in tins. There are four different #91 
cards, with one version found in each regular distribution tin. Thanks much to the 
Card Talk crowd for supplemental data! Further information and scans are posted 
at the Versicolor website.

No.   Card Text                                             Artist

 51   In high school, Bettie Page was secretary treasure    Gary Kezele
 52   In 1951, Bettie Page appeared in men's magazines l    Walter Rice
 53   Bettie dated industrial designer Richard Arbib in     Garrett Blair
 54   In the 50's and even through the 90's, her first n    Boo
 55   Sam Menning, an actor who appeared in Christopher     Carolyn Edwards
 56   Bettie Page married a man in 1958 named Armond Wat    Jeffrey Moy
 57   On New Year's Eve in 1958, Bettie walked into a ch    Gabe Farber
 58   Bettie enjoyed dancing and going to the movies mor    Ted Dastick Jr.
 59   While in Bible school, the only movie she was allo    Lord Mesa
 60   After Bible school, Bettie wanted to be a missiona    Edward Cherniga
 61   Bettie Page married her third husband, Harry Lear,    Matt Campbell
 62   In 1972, after getting divorced from her third hus    William Bronson
 63   Bettie Page was sent to a psychiatric ward and giv    Bill Pulkovski
 64   In 1982, Bettie became enraged with her landlady a    Paul John Ballard
 65   Bettie pleaded insanity to intent to commit murder    Alex Alderete
 66   Bettie was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia a    Deborah Abbott
 67   In 1983, a book reprinting old camera club picture    Judit Tondora
 68   The comic from the early 80's and movie adaptation    Dave Lynch
 69   Artist Dave Stevens based the female love interest    Julius Abrera
 70   It was artist Dave Stevens who let Bettie Page kno    Chris Henderson
 71   Artist Greg Theakston started a fanzine called The    Jessica Hickman
 72   The popular Book of Lists 1990 Edition included Be    Jerome Dabos
 73   In 1993, Hugh Hefner invited Dave Stevens & Bettie    John Haun
 74   Bettie Page lived on Social Security benefits for     Brian Schillinger
 75   After hearing of Bettie Page's financial problems     Kevin Graham
 76   In the 1990's, Eros Comics and Dark Horse Comics p    Randy Kintz
 77   There are Bettie Page lighters, mugs, t-shirts, ke    Grant Gould
 78   Some of the most famous Bettie Page artists includ    Frank Kadar
 79   The artist Olivia has been painting Bettie for ove    Jose Jaro
 80   In 1993, Bettie Page had a phone interview with Ro    Leah Mangue
 81   In 1996, Bettie authorized a book titled, Bettie P    Chris McJunkin
 82   In 1997, E! True Hollywood Story aired a feature c    Manny Mederos
 83   Minnesota artist Rick Volkmar spent many years tou    David Hunter
 84   Volkmar once said, "Her four front incisors are la    Mark Bloodworth
 85   Bettie only modeled for roughly 6 years with just     Scott Barnett
 86   By the year 2000, Bettie Page became very well rec    Elfie Lebouleux
 87   Bettie was able to watch the 2005 unauthorized mov    Mick & Matt Glebe
 88   Halo Guitars and Bettie Page released special limi    Newton Barbosa
 89   Victoria's Secret lingerie once held a Bettie Page    Kevin West
 90   In the "Maximum Homerdrive" episode of The Simpson    Wu Wei
 91   In November of 2008, Bettie Page was hospitalized     Tim Proctor
                                                            Patricia Ross
                                                            Robert Hendrickson
                                                            Russell Walks
 92   After her heart attack, Bettie went into a coma. H    Gabby Untermayerova
 93   Her death was reported by her agent, Mark Roesler,    Solly Mohamed
 94   Bettie Page died at the age of 85 on Thursday, Dec    Sarah Silva
 95   She is buried at Westwood Village Memorial Park Ce    Adam Schickling
 96   Many scenes from Beyonce's 2010 music video "Why D    Eli Rutten
 97   A new documentary titled, Bettie Page Reveals All,    M. Jason Reed
 98   The documentary is produced and directed by Academ    Lee Kohse
 99   Bettie Page herself narrated the documentary, and     Sanna U.
100   Bettie Page's estate made the Forbes annual list o    Andrew Robinson

 --   Checklist 2                                           Checklist Card (1:tin)
 --   Order your Bettie Page subsets and 3-ring binder!     Merchandise Offer Card (1:tin, oversized)
 --   Private Collection Box 2                              Collector Tin


Spot Foil Insert Cards (1:4.5 tins)

SF1   Sarah Wilkinson
SF2   Tim Proctor

Clear Insert Cards (1:10 tins)

 C3   Tom Hodges

Embossed Cards (1:15 tins)

 E2   Jack Redd

Lenticular Cards (1:25 tins)

 L1   Charles Holbert

Artist Signature Cards (1:25 tins)

 --   Alex Alderete
 --   Alexandre Tso
 --   Chad Hurd
 --   Dan Bergren
 --   Danielle Soloud
 --   Deborah Abbott
 --   Eden Bautista
 --   Gabby Untermayerova
 --   Ingrid Hardy
 --   Irma Ahmed
 --   John Haun
 --   Katie Cook
 --   Lord Mesa
 --   M. Jason Reed
 --   Mark Bloodworth
 --   Mick & Matt Glebe
 --   Nestor Celario Jr
 --   Patricia Ross
 --   Remi Dousset
 --   Russell Walks
 --   Sarah Silva
 --   Scott Rorie

Album Redemption Card (1:96 tins)

 --   (album, most inserts, some exclusives)

Mixed Media Sticker (limited to 5)

 --   (Russell Walks)

Artist Sketch Cards (1:tin)

   (double-sided, 1:25 tins; puzzles, 1:177 tins; glow-in-the-dark, 1:229 tins)

      Alex Alderete
      Babisu Kourtis
      Bill Pulkovski
      Brian Schillinger
      Carolyn Edwards
      Chris Henderson
      Chris Hoffman
      Craig Yeung
      Dave Lynch
      Dan Bergren
      Danielle Soloud
      David Hunter
      Deborah Abbott
      Elfie Lebouleux
      Elaine Perna
      Eli Rutten
      Frank A. Kadar
      Gabby Untermayerova
      Frank Kezele
      Jack Redd
      Jason Potratz / Jack Hai
      Jeffrey Moy
      Jerome Dabos
      Jessica Hickman
      Joe Booth
      John Haun
      John Ballard
      Judit Tondora
      Julius Abrera
      Kevin West
      Kristin Allen
      Leah Mangue
      Lee Kohse
      Lord Mesa
      M. Jason Reed
      Mark Bloodworth
      Matt Campbell
      Matt Glebe
      Max "MAX!" Reynolds
      Mick Glebe
      Mick & Matt Glebe
      Nestor Celario Jr
      Newton Barbosa
      Patricia Ross
      Paul John Ballard
      Remi Dousset
      Rob Baker
      Robert Hendrickson
      Sara Richard
      Sarah Silva
      Scott Alan Gregory
      Scott Blair
      Shane McCormack
      Solly Mohamed
      Ted Dastick jr.
      Tim Proctor
      Tim Shay
      Trev Murphy
      William Bronson
      Wu Wei

Artist Return Cards

 --   (various artists)

Gold-Foil Dealer Incentive Puzzle Sketch Cards

    (2-up puzzles, # 01a/01b through 25a/25b)

 --   Veronica O'Connell

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)
 --   (16 9-pocket pages)
B1a   Bettie Spaghetti (Luis Diaz; exclusive promo card)
SF4   Veronica O'COnnell
 --   (surprises and sketches)


BP20-CNCS      Charles Hall (Chicago Non-Sport Card Show; limited to 1000)
BP21-UK        Randy Siplon (limited to 1000)
BP22a-PHILLY   Veronica O'Connell (2-up panel, top; Philly Non-Sports Card Show)
BP22b-PHILLY   Veronica O'Connell (2-up panel, bottom; Philly Non-Sports Card Show; limited to 1000)
BP23-NSU       Richard Pace (no title or signature, "clear spot finish")
                 (no title or signature, glossy)
                 (blue signature)
                 (embossed title)
                 (embossed gold title)
                 (silver title)
                 (red signature)
                 (silver metallic)
                 (silver metallic, embossed gold title)
                 (prism finish; no title or signature)
BP24-PAC       Scott Rorie (limited to 500)
BP25-PHILLY    Trev Murphy (Philly Non-Sports Card Show; limited to 500)
BP26-CNCS      Robert Hendrickson (Chicago Non-Sport Card Show; limited to 500)
BP27-TOY       Lord Mesa (TonCon; limited to 500)
BP28-HJ        Deborah Abbott (Happy Jack Collectibles; limited to 500)
BP29           Tim Proctor (dealer promo)
1a             Bettie Spaghetti (binder exclusive promo)
1b             Pasta Page (Luis Dias art)

METALLIC SUBSET (2012, sold separately; art by Mark McHaley; limited to 500 sets)

   Further information and scans are posted at the Versicolor website.

        No.    Description

        M1     (racing moon)
        M2     (grinning in lingerie)
        M3     (boxer)
        M4     (scarf dancer)
        M5     (fearful driver)
        M6     (muscles, tiara, and sun)
        M7     (covering towel)
        M8     (red bonnet)
        M9     (pearl necklace)
        M10    (holding red teddy)
        M11    (pointing to silver bra)
        M12    (peeking over shoulder)

Clear Chase Card (1:5 packs)

        C2     Mark McHaley

Promo Cards (limited to 1000 total)

        MP1    (green foil signature; limited to about 500)
        MP1    (silver foil signature; limited to about 85)
        MP1    (red foil signature; limited to about 85)
        MP1    (gold foil signature; limited to about 85)
        MP1    (blue foil signature; limited to about 85)
        MP1    (prism finish; no title or signature; limited to about 85
        MP1    (regular finish; no title or signature; limited to about 85)

LOST SET (2013, sold separately;limited to 500 sets)

    (12 cards with 24 images excluded from release)

LOST-1   Robert Hendrickson    Patricia Ross
LOST-2   Sarah Silva           Otis Frampton
LOST-3   Arie Monroe           Arthur Suydam
LOST-4   NIK                   Danielle Soloud
LOST-5   Scott Alan Gregory    Trev Murphy
LOST-6   Sarah Wilkinson       Kim Demulder
LOST-7   Penelope Gaylord      Don Pedicini Jr.
LOST-8   Hamilton Cline        Jason Potratz
LOST-9   Jason McLellan        Matthew Humphreys
LOST-10  M. Jason Reed         Brian Shearer
LOST-11  Charles Hall          David Hunter
LOST-12  Frank Kezele          Dan Bergren

Spot Foil Insert (1:3 sets)

  SF3   Jerome Dabos

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©2012 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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