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Painted Ladies
   Kitchen Sink - 1993

Notes: Cards were issued as a boxed set, assembled and written by Max Allen 
Collins. Each card features one of the top pinup artists of the 20th Century. 
Card 6 also gives research references, and card 36 shows additional consultants 
for the production. Only card 28 shows production credits and copyright. 
Thanks much to Eugene White for the list!

No.   Title

  1   Rolf Armstrong
  2   Petty
  3   Vargas
  4   Merlin
  5   Zoe Mozert
  6   Billy De Vorss
  7   Erbit
  8   Bradshaw Crandell
  9   Enoch Bolles
 10   Elvgren
 11   Peter Driben
 12   Ballantyne
 13   Medcalf
 14   Walt Otto
 15   D'Ancona
 16   Al Buell
 17   Harry Ekman
 18   Runci
 19   Pearl Frush
 20   Frahm
 21   Earl Moran
 22   Armitage
 23   Mac Pherson
 24   T. N. Thompson
 25   K. O. Munson
 26   Elliot
 27   Withers
 28   Bill Randall
 29   Fritz Willis
 30   Joe De Mers
 31   Chiriaka
 32   Alex Raymond
 33   Al Moore
 34   Eddie Chan
 35   Arthur Sarnoff
 36   Deckard

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