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   Rinso Soap - 1959

Notes: Cards were inserted in soap packages. Fronts are black-and-white 
screen shots and backs all show the Paladin "Have Gun - Will Travel" 
business card, with no card titles.

No.   Description

  1   Best Wishes Paladin
  2   (checking mail, light suit)
  3   (pointing derringer, frilly shirt)
  4   (leading horse past picket-fence porch)
  5   (riding through town, L profile)
  6   (holding reins while riding)
  7   (riding and pointing gun up, to R of horse)
  8   (two-handed pistol, scowling in hills)
  9   (pointing pistol up, outside)
 10   (firing and smiling, tree behind at R)
 11   (holding pistol behind rock, R profile)
 12   (sneaking around rock face, pistol drawn)
 13   (hat in hand, outdoors)
 14   (offering papers)
 15   (aiming pistol in town, horse in background)
 16   (drawing pistol in street)
 17   (leaning on porch pillar)
 18   (pistol out from porch)
 19   (aiming pistol, wagon wheel in front)
 20   (aiming pistol, wagon wheel behind)
 21   (drawing on door silhouette)
 22   (firing from stagecoach)
 23   (pointing pistol half-R, in hat indoors)
 24   (waist-down view, gun belt, holster, pistol)

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