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Paranormal Activity Trading Cards
   Breygent Marketing - 2010

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Breygent website.

pack: 5 base cards + 1 each base inserts + 2 costumes or cells or autographs. 2000 packs total
Common sets (50): 1 per approx. 10 packs.

     No.   Title / Card Text

       1   Katie Featherston is a college student and Mic
       2   Micah is fascinated by his new high-tech toy. 
       3   Katie Featherston is a beautiful young college
       4   Micah tells Katie "if the problem is an obsess
       5   11:24:08 p.m. - the camera and microphone are
       6   When Katie finds her keys on the kitchen floor
       7   Katie recalls when she was eight and shared a
       8   Katie was so terrified by the entity as a chil
       9   The psychic, Dr. Fredrichs, explains the entit
      10   As Micah and Katie sleep, the camera records t
      11   Micah is obsessed with the demon and thinks it
      12   Katie tells Micah that she understands his fas
      13   Katie and her friend Amber attempt to do some
      14   Micah plays a tape for Amber that he recorded
      15   Katie and Amber agree to let Micah do his thin
      16   Micah circles the bedroom with his EVP [Electr
      17   Anticipation and anxiety increase as Micah's c
      18   Katie wakes and stands beside the bed. She see
      19   Micah finds Katie sitting in a trancelike stat
      20   "You don't remember getting out of bed and sta
      21   Micah gets around his promise to Katie that he
      22   Following a highly emotional exchange about th
      23   Micah is convinced he can extract a message fr
      24   Micah asks Katie if she knows anyone named Edi
      25   Micah sprinkles powder in the hallway and bedr
      26   Did you hear that? Katie and Micah are startle
      27   Micah follows the strangely shaped prints to w
      28   Katie's panic increases but Micah insists on s
      29   When Micah climbs into the attic he finds a ch
      30   It's all getting to be too much for Katie. Whe
      31   The light goes on and off in the bedroom down
      32   As they try to eat breakfast following a sleep
      33   The demonologist Dr. Averies is unreachable! K
      34   Katie is awakened by the demon's breath. She t
      35   As night passes, the ever-present sentry conti
      36   Micah finds a chilling story of a girl possess
      37   Katie reads the gruesome story of Diane who wa
      38   After weeks of sleep deprivation and constant
      39   Katie ashrieks with every fiber in her body! M
      40   After Katie is dragged by the demon from her b
      41   As Micah frantically packs the car so they can
      42   The morning after being dragged from her bed a
      43   After weeks of terror Katie is eerily calm. Wh
      44   As the camera records every event, Katie sits
      45   After standing beside Micah staring at him sle
      46   As Katie screams for Micah he rushes to the da
      47   After Micah's flight through the air and crash
      48   An emotionless Katie moves toward Micah's moti
      49   This is not Katie. This is the face of pure ev
      50   Checklist


Portents of Evil Cards (1:pack)

    PE1    The Symbol of Death
    PE2    The Sound of Evil
    PE3    The Demon Code
    PE4    The Print of Evil
    PE5    A Dark Message from the Past
    PE6    A Shattered Warning
    PE7    The Ring of Evil
    PE8    An Invitation to Evil
    PE9    Do Not Invite Evil In

David Desbois Puzzle Cards (1:pack)

    PU1    (puzzle top left)
    PU2    (puzzle top middle)
    PU3    (puzzle top right)
    PU4    (puzzle center left)
    PU5    (puzzle center)
    PU6    (puzzle center right)
    PU7    (puzzle bottom left)
    PU8    (puzzle bottom middle)
    PU9    (puzzle bottom right)

Film Frame Cell Cards

     #1    (floor and flip-flops)
     #2    (green garb)
     #3    (tv snow)

Costume Cards

     C1    worn by Micah Sloat (short gray t-shirt)
     C2    worn by Katie Featherston (gray sweatpants)
     C3    worn by Micah Sloat (long gray t-shirt)
     C4    worn by Katie Featherston (purple top)

Autograph Cards

     #1    Oren Peli
     #2    Katie Featherston
     #3    Micah Sloat
     #4    Katie Featherston / Micah Sloat

Autographed Costume Cards

   CI-1    Katie Featherston (plaid shorts)
   CI-2    Micah Sloat (gray shorts)

Card Album (sold separately)

   --      (binder)
Promo 1    What Happens When You Sleep? (bed dark; exclusive promo card)
Promo 2    What Happens When You Sleep? (bed light exclusive promo card)

Multiple-Pack-Puchase Incentives

     --    (boxed factory set of 50 cards) (10 packs)

San Diego Comic Con 2010 Exclusive Cards

     --    3-Card Costume Set
     --    Katie Featherston (autographed costume, dark gray top)
     --    Micah Sloat (autographed costume, gray t-shirt)
     --    Oren Peli (Autograph)


Promo      What Happens When You Sleep? (Katie; general distribution)
 NSU       What Happens When You Sleep? (Katie/Micah; Non-Sport Update)
Philly     Paranormal Activity (Katie/Micah; Philly Non-Sports Show)
Promo 1    (binder exclusive promo; also listed above)
Promo 2    (binder exclusive promo; also listed above)

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