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The Partridge Family - Series 2
   Topps - 1971
   O-Pee-Chee - 1971
   A&BC Cards - 1972

Notes: O-Pee-Chee cards are marked "Ptd. in Canada" and A&BC Cards were 
printed in England. Series 1 has yellow borders, compared to Series 2 (blue) 
and Series 3 (green). Card backs feature puzzles or song lyrics, and are shown 
below when known.

No.   Title                                        Card Back

  1   David Cassidy as "Keith"
  2   Susan Dey as "Laurie"
  3   Warming Up
  4   Laurie Partridge
  5   "Only a Moment Ago"
  6   Solo Performance
  7   Taking a Break                               Puzzle No. 1
  8   Keith Partridge                              (puzzle)
  9   Musical Discussion                           (puzzle)
 10   "I Think I Love You"
 11   "Danny Partridge Speaking"                   (puzzle)
 12   America's Favorite Group                     Shirley Jones / Puzzle No. 1
 13   The Partridge Family
 14   Going On Tour                                Puzzle No. 2
 15   Getting It All Together                      Susan Dey - Model / Puzzle No. 3
 16   "Singing My Song"                            The Partridge Family Song Hits
 17   Travelin' Band                               Puzzle No. 3
 18   Reuben & the Kids
 19   Danny Disagrees!                             Puzzle No. 2
 20   Home at Last!                                (puzzle)
 21   Berries for Breakfast                        Puzzle No. 3
 22   "To Be Lovers"                               The Partridge Family Song Hits
 23   Relaxing Outdoors                            Meet David Cassidy / Puzzle No. 3
 24   Doing His Thing                              David Cassidy: Musician / Puzzle No. 2
 25   Laurie at the Keyboard                       Puzzle No. 3
 26x  "On the Road"                                The Partridge Family Song Hits
 27   The Music Makers
 28   Backing the Group                            Puzzle No. 2
 29   "Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque"   The Partridge Family Song Hits
 30   Shirley Partridge                            Puzzle No. 3
 31   Getting Involved!                            Puzzle No. 2
 32   Mother of the Group                          Puzzle No. 2
 33   Baseball or Music?                           (puzzle)
 34   Danny Bonaduce as Danny Partridge
 35   Proud Mother
 36   Laurie's Breakfast                           Suzanne Cough & Jeremy Gelbwaks / Puzzle No. 1
 37   "I Can Feel Your Heartbeat"                  The Partridge Family Song Hits
 38   Between Performances                         Puzzle No. 3
 39   Feeling Groovy!
 40   Working Out a Song                           Puzzle No. 2
 41   David Makes a Point                          Puzzle No. 1
 42   Popular Teenager
 43   David Stays in Shape                         (puzzle)
 44   Introducing the Act                          (puzzle)
 45   "Bandala"
 46   Awaiting His Cue
 47   Family Portrait
 48   "I Really Want To Know You"
 49   "Testing 1-2-3!"                             (puzzle)
 50   Ready to Roll
 51   "Somebody Wants To Love You"                 The Partridge Family Song Hits
 52   "Brand New Me"                               The Partridge Family Song Hits
 53   Everybody Pitches In                         Puzzle No. 2
 54   On with the Show
 55   Cooking for the Family                       Shirley's School Days / Puzzle No. 2

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