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The Partridge Family - Series 3
   Topps - 1971

Notes: Series 3 has green borders, compared to Series 1 (yellow) and Series 2 (blue). 
Card backs feature puzzles or song lyrics, and are shown below when known.

No.   Title                                        Card Back

 1B   "Cheer Up, Keith!"                           Puzzle A
 2B   Mrs. Partridge                               Puzzle B
 3B   Outdoor Performance!                         Puzzle A
 4B   Discussing Their Next Tour!                  Puzzle B
 5B   Danny Trys to Enlist!                        Puzzle D
 6B   The Littlest Dodger!                         I'll Meet You Halfway
 7B   Danny Interviews Keith!                      Puzzle B
 8B   Showtime!                                    Puzzle A
 9B   Sharing a Secret!                            Puzzle A
10B   "Back in Five Minutes!"                      Puzzle B
11B   "No Pictures, Please!"                       Puzzle A
12B   Danny at the Draftboard!                     Puzzle B
13B   Your Favorite TV Star!                       Puzzle B
14B   "Where To Now, Danny?"                       Morning Rider on the Road
15B   "How About This Pose?"                       You Are Always on My Mind
16B   Big Sister!
17B   "Giddy-Yap, Rueben!"                         Puzzle C
18B   Groovy Guitarist!
19B   Time To Laugh!                               Puzzle A
20B   Danny, Laurie and Keith!                     Puzzle D
21B   Mom's Advice                                 (puzzle)
22B   Laurie Hides a Smile!                        Puzzle A
23B   Thinking It Over!                            There's No Doubt in My Mind
24B   Before the Cameras!                          I'll Leave Myself a Little Time
25B   Singing Sensation!                           Puzzle A
26B   "A Close Shave!"                             Puzzle C
27B   Thoughtful Moment!
28B   Hearing Their New Record!
29B   The Partridges at Home!                      Lay It on the Line
30B   Danny Accepts an Award!                      Doesn't Somebody Want to Be Wanted
31B   Shirley Is Pleased!                          Puzzle C
32B   Hitting a High Note!                         Puzzle A
33B   Listening to a Playback                      Puzzle A
34B   David and Suzanne                            I'm Here - You're Here
35B   Kids Hold a Meeting                          Puzzle B
36B   The Boys Hit the Sack!
37B   "Be Careful, Danny!"
38B   Tired of Waiting                             Puzzle B
39B   Portrait of David!                           Puzzle B
40B   Waiting for Keith
41B   Surrounded by Fans!                          Umbrella Man
42B   Friendly Enemies!
43B   Moment of Decision!
44B   TV Superstar!                                Puzzle B
45B   "Holy Cow!"                                  Puzzle D
46B   Playing Happy Music!
47B   The Great Profile!                           Puzzle D
48B   Belting Out a Song!                          Puzzle C
49B   Daydreamer!
50B   Laurie's Favorite Scent!                     Puzzle A
51B   Cool Combination!
52B   Another Great Performance!                   Puzzle B
53B   All Dolled Up!                               Puzzle A
54B   Laughing It Up!                              Puzzle A
55B   Practice Makes Perfect!                      Puzzle A
56B   Portrait Card 15: Susan Dey                  Puzzle C
57B   Portrait Card  8: David Cassidy
58B   Portrait Card 28: David Cassidy
59B   Portrait Card 11: David Cassidy
60B   Portrait Card 13: David Cassidy              Puzzle C
61B   Portrait Card  7: Shirley Jones
62B   Portrait Card 33: David Cassidy
63B   Portrait Card  4: Danny Bonaduce             Puzzle C
64B   Portrait Card 19: Shirley Jones
65B   Portrait Card 26: Suzanne Krough             Join the Partridge Family Fan Club! / Puzzle C
66B   Portrait Card 12: David Cassidy
67B   Portrait Card 17: Shirley Jones              Puzzle C
68B   Portrait Card 31: Dave Madden                Join the Partridge Family Fan Club! / Puzzle D
69B   Portrait Card 24: David Cassidy
70B   Portrait Card  1: David Cassidy              Puzzle C
71B   Portrait Card 21: David Cassidy              Puzzle D
72B   Portrait Card 29: Danny Bonaduce
73B   Portrait Card  5: Susan Dey
74B   Portrait Card 23: Jeremy Gelbwaks
75B   Portrait Card  3: Danny Bonaduce
76B   Portrait Card  9: David Cassidy              Puzzle D
77B   Portrait Card 18: Jeremy Gelbwaks            Puzzle D
78B   Portrait Card 25: Shirley Jones
79B   Portrait Card 32: David Cassidy
80B   Portrait Card 27: David Cassidy              Join the Partridge Family Fan Club! / Puzzle C
81B   Portrait Card 10: Danny Bonaduce             Puzzle D
82B   Portrait Card 14: David Cassidy              (puzzle)
83B   Portrait Card  6: David Cassidy
84B   Portrait Card 30: Susan Dey
85B   Portrait Card 22: David Cassidy              Puzzle D
86B   Portrait Card  2: Danny Bonaduce
87B   Portrait Card 16: Suzanne Krough             Puzzle C
88B   Portrait Card 20: Shirley Jones              Puzzle D

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