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United States Marine Corps Patch Series:
Series 2, Set No. 1
World War II to Desert Storm
   Military Collectible Shop, Ltd. - 1998?

Notes: This is one of a series collecting images of shoulder patches from 
U.S. military tradition. Sold as a complete, numbered, polybagged set. 
Thanks much to John Biagioni for the list!

  No.     Title

  --      (Cover Card)
USMC-1    Checklist
USMC-2    1st Marine Division
USMC-3    2nd Marine Division
USMC-4    2nd Marine Division (Old)
USMC-5    3rd Marine Division
USMC-6    4th Marine Division
USMC-7    5th Marine Division
USMC-8    6th Marine Division
USMC-9    13th Defense Battalion
USMC-10   18th Defense Battalion
USMC-11   51st Defense Battalion
USMC-12   52nd Defense Battalion
USMC-13   USMC Detachment Londonderry
USMC-14   USMC Detachment Iceland
USMC-15   Ships Detachment
USMC-16   FMF-PAC Headquarters
USMC-17   FMF-PAC Supply
USMC-18   FMF-PAC Engineering Battalions
USMC-19   FMF-PAC Amtrac Battalions
USMC-20   FMF-PAC Bomb Disposal
USMC-21   FMF-PAC Dog Platoons
USMC-22   FMF-PAC Anti-Aircraft Artillery
USMC-23   FMF-PAC Artillery Battalions
USMC-24   FMF-PAC DUKW Companies
USMC-25   FMF-PAC Unassigned
USMC-26   3rd Amphibious Corps
USMC-27   5th Amphibious Corps
USMC-28   1st MAC Headquarters
USMC-29   1st MAC Defense Battalions
USMC-30   1st MAC Paratroopers
USMC-31   1st MAC Aviation Enginees
USMC-32   1st MAC Artillery
USMC-33   1st MAC Raiders
USMC-34   1st MAC Barrage Battery Battalions
USMC-35   1st MAC Service Supply Battalions
USMC-36   704th Marine Raiders Battalion
USMC-37   1st Battalion 4th Marines
USMC-38   2nd Battalion 4th Marines
USMC-39   1st Battalion 9th Marines
USMC-40   1st Reconnaissance Battalion 3rd Marine Division
USMC-41   1st USMC Guerillas
USMC-42   Reconnaissance Battalion 3rd Marine Division
USMC-43   3rd Reconnaissance Battalion
USMC-44   9th Marine Amphibious Brigade
USMC-45   Force Reconnaissance
USMC-46   Headquarters Marine Airwing Pacific
USMC-47   1st Marine Airwing Pacific
USMC-48   2ND Marine Airwing Pacific
USMC-49   3rd Marine Airwing Pacific
USMC-50   4th Marine Airwing Pacific
USMC-51   Headquarters Marine Airwing Fuselage
USMC-52   1st Marine Airwing Fuselage
USMC-53   2nd Marine Airwing Fuselage
USMC-54   3rd Marine Airwing Fuselage
USMC-55   4th Marine Airwing Fuselage
USMC-56   4th Marine Base Defense Airwing
USMC-57   Imminent Thunder (Desert Storm)

  --      (Advertisement Card)

PROTOTYPE CARDS (stamped "Prototype" in blue on card front)

USMC-2    1st Marine Division
USMC-7    5th Marine Division
USMC-15   Ships Detachment
USMC-40   1st Reconnaissance Battalion 3rd Marine Division

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