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United States Navy Patch Series:
Series 3, Set No. 10A
Ship Insignia: Submarines WWII (SUB)
   Military Collectible Shop, Ltd. - 1998?

Notes: This is one of a series collecting images of shoulder patches from 
U.S. military tradition. Sold as a complete, numbered, polybagged set. 
Thanks much to John Biagioni for the list!

     No.        Title

NAVY (SUB)-1    Cover/History
NAVY (SUB)-2    Checklist/Comments
NAVY (SUB)-3    SS-167 Narwhal
NAVY (SUB)-4    SS-168 Nautilus
NAVY (SUB)-5    SS-169 Dolphin
NAVY (SUB)-6    SS-172 Porpoise
NAVY (SUB)-7    SS-177 Pickerel
NAVY (SUB)-8    SS-178 Permit
NAVY (SUB)-9    SS-180 Pollack
NAVY (SUB)-10   SS-181 Pompano
NAVY (SUB)-11   SS-187 Sturgeon
NAVY (SUB)-12   SS-188 Sargo
NAVY (SUB)-13   SS-189 Saury
NAVY (SUB)-14   SS-190 Spearfish
NAVY (SUB)-15   SS-191 Sculpin
NAVY (SUB)-16   SS-192 Sailfish
NAVY (SUB)-17   SS-194 Seadragon
NAVY (SUB)-18   SS-196 Searaven
NAVY (SUB)-19   SS-197 Seawolf
NAVY (SUB)-20   SS-212 Gato

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