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United States Army Patch Series:
   Series 4, Set No. 2A
   Armored Corps and Divisions
Military Collectible Shop, Ltd. - 1998

Notes:  This is one of a series collecting images of shoulder patches from U.S. military tradition. 
Sold as a complete, numbered, polybagged set.

      No.         Title                                  Nickname

2A ARMY(ARM)-1    History
2A ARMY(ARM)-2    Armored Corps/Divisions - Set No. 2A
2A ARMY(ARM)-3    I Armored Corps
2A ARMY(ARM)-4    II Armored Corps
2A ARMY(ARM)-5    III Armored Corps
2A ARMY(ARM)-6    IV Armored Corps
2A ARMY(ARM)-7    V Armored Corps
2A ARMY(ARM)-8    XVIII Armored Corps
2A ARMY(ARM)-9    1st Armored Division                   Old Ironsides
2A ARMY(ARM)-10   2nd Armored Division                   Hell on Wheels
2A ARMY(ARM)-11   3rd Armored Division                   Spearhead
2A ARMY(ARM)-12   4th Armored Division
2A ARMY(ARM)-13   5th Armored Division
2A ARMY(ARM)-14   6th Armored Division
2A ARMY(ARM)-15   7th Armored Division
2A ARMY(ARM)-16   8th Armored Division
2A ARMY(ARM)-17   9th Armored Division
2A ARMY(ARM)-18   10th Armored Division
2A ARMY(ARM)-19   11th Armored Division
2A ARMY(ARM)-20   12th Armored Division

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