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Peanuts Preview Set
Tuff Stuff - 1991

Notes: Generally distributed only as a sealed factory set, the cards were also
printed bilingually for Canadian distribution and distributed in packs.  Copyrights
on the cards represent the original dates of the cartoons.  The uncut sheet was
produced in 1993, and is attributed to Pro Set (not Tuff Stuff).  Thanks much
to Michael Kartchner for the original checklist!

No.   Title                               Claim to Fame

  1   Charles Monroe Schulz               Creator of the Peanuts comic strip
  2   Snoopy                              Charlie Brown's dog
  3   Lucy Van Pelt                       Linus' older sister
  4   Charlie Brown                       The "roundheaded kid" in the zig-zag sweater  
  5   Linus Van Pelt                      Lucy's younger brother
  6   Peppermint Patty                    Patricia Reichardt
  7   Schroeder                           Classical musician
  8   Sally Brown                         Charlie Brown's little sister
  9   Woodstock                           Snoopy's Sidekick
 10   Tennis                              Joe Pro
 11   Golf                                The World Famous Golf Pro
 12   Basketball                          All-Around Sports Beagle
 13   Ice Hockey                          The World Famous Hockey Player
 14   Olympics                            The "Go-for-Gold" Beagle
 15   Marcie                              Pepper4mint Patty's best friend
 16   Franklin                            A friend from school
 17   Spike                               Snoopy's brother
 18   Pigpen                              "The human soil-bank"
 19   The Psychiatric Booth               "The Doctor is in"
 20   Vulture                             Scowling Practice
 21   The Literary Ace                    Undaunted Author
 22   Easter Beagle
 23   Camping  
 24   Joe Cool                            Cool at School
 25   Snoopy Kissing Lucy                 Aaugh! Dog germs!
 26   "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown"
 27   "Happiness Is A Warm Puppy"
 28   Peanuts in Space
 29   The Flying Ace                      World War I Veteran
 30   The Great Pumpkin
 31   "A Boy Named Charlie Brown"
 32   Thanksgiving Special
 33   Christmas Special


Autographed Card (33 total, randomly inserted in some factory sets)

 --   Charles Schulz

Uncut Sheet (1993, Pro Set)

 --   (100 cards, 3 complete sets + 1 special card)


 1   (The Gang, "Preview Prototype")
 2   (Snoopy playing hobby, "Preview Prototype")

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