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Peanuts Classics - Series 2
ProSport Specialties - 1992

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.80 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Dialog / Text

201   One more forfeit and we'll be in first place!
202   "Painting the lily," Huh? - Painting the what?
203   Suggestions
204   (no text)
205   (no text)
206   I thought being in love was supposed to make you ha
207   How did that happen?
208   (no text)
209   Thus endeth the winning streak!
210   I forgot about that ...
211   My only hope is to try to get through the season wi
212   It was an accident, Charles - It was an accident, C
213   You should have answered the chain letter, Manager!
214   I'd be crazy to ask about four fingers
215   Maybe I could go hid in a cave or something ...
216   It's funny .. That's one of those things a manager
217   Now what?
218   A good manager never resorts to sarcasm!
219   I can go either way ..
220   Hey, tell me who you guys are yelling at, and I'll
221   Where?
222   .. It can have strange side effects ..
223   Whatever - I can't stand it
224   I didn't even know she was listening ...
225   How did that happen?
226   That sounds like my whole team ..
227   It'll be a sellout!
228   If he opens the door, I'm gonna pretend I'm a bat,
229   'I got it' can mean a lot of things!
230   Don't say that .. I was just getting comfortable!
231   Hey, Manager, it's too medium to play today ..
232   If you'd catch a fly ball now and then, maybe we'd
233   Do you take excuses?
234   (no text)
235   (no text)
236   I can't do anything right ..
237   I was wrong ..
238   I don't mind feeling stupid as long as I know I loo
239   Psst ... You're the worst player I've ever seen!
240   I think you're right .. Six bonks is a new record .
241   I did it my way!
242   I can't argue with that ..
243   I thought you said LOOK our best!
244   You should have sent the tallstop
245   (no text)
246   Even people who LIKE me hate me!
247   How can you say, "I got it!" when I haven't pitched
248   (no text)
249   I got it!
250   Pow!  [Special Gold and Silver Baseball Edition]       Checklist 251-300
251   Tell him to come and help me look!
252   For our swimsuit issue!
253   I hate being in last place on my birthday ..
254   Ask me something else ..
255   He thinks he's going to be the pitcher or play righ
256   Strike Three!!
257   Head bone!
258   I appreciate your sticking around ..
259   This is Spring Training!
260   Boot!
261   (no text)
262   That sounds like my whole team ..
263   My head isn't the least bit worried
264   Aaugh!
265   Sorry, I thought it was the sun ..
266   But what about my own team?
267   Strike Three!
268   (no text)
269   I'm being replaced by a dog?!
270   All right, Lucy .. What's your excuse this time?
271   Of course, I haven't gotten out of bet yet, either
272   That would be quite a trick all right!
273   My glove isn't "user friendly"
274   What's below Amateur?
275   (no text)
276   Sue? Who are we gonna sue?
277   I'm very fond of YOU, Charles, but stay loose!
278   How embarrassing!
279   Let's try to make it a nice friendly game ...
280   Why don't you come and watch us?
281   Are you ready? Here comes a new excuse!
282   In the meantime, I'm getting wet ..
283   Am I naive, Linus?
284   I looked good in the team picture
285   Okay, gang, let's stay awake out there
286   We forgot where we hid it ..
287   Shh! Don't tell him I'm here under the coat ..
288   What was his name? - Roy Hobbs
289   Well, ask him if maybe he'd like to be our bat bird
290   (no text)
291   (no text)
292   (no text)
293   I can't figure out why she hasn't written ..
294   One who has you on one's team is fortunate not to l
295   Lucy, look! How many fingers do you see?
296   My second baseman is asleep ...
297   That's not very encouraging!!!
298   If it's hit to me, I'm going home!
299   Who're you talking to?
300   Pow!  [Special Gold and Silver Baseball Edition]       Checklist 201-250
301   He didn't think it was very funny!
302   I can't play today, Manager .. I couldn't find my g
303   Do you know what it's like to lose a ball game by o
304   [Special Gold and Silver Baseball Edition]
305   What's a zamboni doing on a baseball field?
306   Augh!
307   Allowing forty runs in the first inning can change
308   Baa!
309   That's hard to do when you keep moving it around ..
310   Back up, Lucy!
311   I don't know ... It just sounded good!
312   In the big leagues, when a team gets a rally starte
313   I'll "hip, hip," but I won't "hurray!"
314   No, we're not going to call the game because it's h
315   Hey, Sweetie, you coming my way?
316   It didn't hurt a bit ... I had a cap full of chain
317   dI feel good metally, and I feel good physically ..
318   Suggestion Box
319   I need two volunteers
320   Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! - I can't stand it ...
321   (no text)
322   Whoops! A wild pitch!
323   As you know, I'm rather fond of Charles ...
324   I volunteer!!
325   Woof!
326   Love has destroyed a lot of good pitchers ..
327   Just as the ball got to me, Michael Jackson hit a h
328   See? Very macho!
329   According to these figures, our team will be even w
330   Or until the shortstop wakes up - Z
331   Get way out!
332   No, they said your subscription has run out ..
333   When we started, we were in right-field ..
334   How about, "Our Favorite Chunk"?
335   "If the heart of a man is depressed with cares, the
336   (no text)
337   "Leather Water"?
338   Refond!
339   Now, THAT'S profound!
340   The key is concentration!
341   (no text)
342   All right, team ... I don't want any letdown now ..
343   Has she ever asked before?
344   It's too nice out here!
345   That's what I figured ..
346   I've never seen an attorney give up a case so fast
347   Here's the world famous wrist-wrestler getting read
348   Four fingers was for a pitch-out, but we won't use
349   "Here, Spot! Fetch!"
350   Pow!  [Special Gold and Silver Baseball Edition]       Checklist 351-400
351   It's hard not to appreciate such compassion!
352   (no text)
353   (no text)
354   We even lost in Latin?
355   (no text)
356   My team charges me way too much to let me play!
357   She wants me to PITCH?
358   No comment
359   But I can't stand it!
360   I can't believe it ... A two-game winning streak
361   I don't know .. Just a feeling, I guess ..
362   Now, THAT'S windy!
363   Care to shag a few flies?
364   C'mon! We need the practice! Are you afraid of a li
365   Of course, it might have been worse ... I could hav
366   And don't go back to sleep!!
367   Oh, no!
368   Bonk! - Sorry .. We were cut off ..
369   I'll take ten 5x7, twelve 8x10, and twenty wallet s
370   Thank you
371   That's not what I meant, and you know it!!
372   After the game is over, you should pat each of your
373   (no text)
374   Strike Three! - Z
375   Hypocrite that I am ..
376   (no text)
377   But those line drives will kill you!
378   (no text)
379   Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - Amen - I can't
380   We don't win any games, but I have happy players ..
381   "If you're a dog, put your glove away in a dry plac
382   How many did you sell? - None!
383   (no text)
384   Smack
385   Do you take excuses?
386   We're not in last place yet!
387   That's ridiculous! We're going to win! I don't beli
388   What kind of a shortstop are you?! That ball went r
389   I got it! - I got it!
390   When spring comes, I'm drawn to the ball fiend! I f
391   Okay, that's far enough!
392   Stop saying it's clouding up! It's NOT clouding up!
393   So let's hear some chatter out there! What do you h
394   I vote we stay anonymous
395   Well, sort of maybe pretty far back behind you ...
396   When you lose the last game of the season, it's goi
397   Z
398   I thought our teacher came to watch our game, but a
399   (no text)
400   Pow!  [Special Gold and Silver Baseball Edition]       Checklist 301-350

--    Kids Coloring Contest                                  Pack Insert


Hologram Card

2/15  (Stan Musial & Charlie Brown)

Uncut Sheet

--    (6-up panel of hologram card)

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