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Pee-Wee's Hip-Pocket Library
Linnett Products - 1976

Notes: This "library" features 4"x5-1/2" cards with caricatures of sports heroes 
(with colored borders) on one side and non-sports series with black-and-white 
sketches on the other side. They were distributed on single perforated 6-card 
sheets in polybags, with a large stub announcing "6 Pee-Wee Superstars plus 
6 Antique Cars by Charles Linnett" [etc.]. The Greatest Cars and Sailing Ships 
subsets show players from the 1975 Boston Red Sox American League champi-
ons. An on-card offer states "A framable 81/2" x 11" p0ortrait of the Sport5s 
Star shown, and a free listing of other teams available in Charles Linnett "Pee-
Wees", may be ordered by sending 60¢ (plus 35¢ P. & H. per order)".

No.   Title


102   The Stanley Steamer - 1899
103   Itala - 1906
104   Strassenwagen - 1874
105   Cadillac - 1907
106   Morris and Salom Electric - 1896
107   Curved Dash Olds - 19032


108   Egyptian Warship - 1200 B.C.
109   The Hoangho Ch'uan Junk
110   Schooner Mary B. Mitchell - 1892
111   The Flying Cloud - 1851
112   The "Flying Fish" Catamaran
113   The Henry Grace a Dieu - 1514

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