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Pee Wee Says
   Anonymous - 1930

Notes: The 2-1/4" x 2-5/8" cards were distributed in strips, with color artwork 
on fronts and text on backs. American Card Catalog reference is R105. Scans are 
posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Caption

  1   A telephone sure is useful - Mom cuts biscuits wit
  2   Ain't it awful - Billy Jones' Ma kicked poor Fido
  3   Ain't it awful the way your aunts and uncles alway
  4   Aw I can't do anythin' with music - so I guess I'l
  5   Aw why couldn't castor 'erl' taste like lemonade!
  6   Daddy says music is a good aid to digestion
  7   Gee" I wish I had a little sister - It gets kind o
  8   Gee! That's 'n awful lot of weight for a lil' fell
  9   I can't afford a dog so I'm gonna get a moth for a
 10   I didn't catch anythin' today but I will when pa f
 11   I don't see the sense in washin' behind the ears N
 12   I know how ya feel, Fido - It's the same when Mom
 13   I'm gonna nickname you "Bulble Bee" 'cause when ev
 14   It must be swell to be an elephant - It's so easy
 15   Just when you're achin' for some candy your tooth
 16   Mom says heavy meals ain't good for ya and then h3
 17   Nope! I guess I won't look so good in a suit of "l
 18   Pa says exercise will kill all germs - but gee, ho
 19   Pa says I ought to save my pennies for a rainy day
 20   Pa says rabbits multiply faster then anything, but
 21   Pa says we've come into the workd to help others -
 22   Success sure goes to the heads of some people - St
 23   Tuffy Burns has a good ear for music but it's awfu
 24   When we have ice cream for supper I sure am glad I

 --   (uncut strip)

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