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Penthouse Comix
R.C. Cards International - 1996

Notes:  Originally issued as a boxed set.  Thanks much to Genny Carr for the checklist!

   No.    Front Artwork                                             Card Back

      1   Penthouse Comix -  Hericane by Luis Royo                  Action Figures - Rough Justice
      2   Penthouse Comix -  Hericane by Adam Hughes                Action Figures - Blazing Fury
      3   Men's Adventure Comix  - Hericane by Julie Bell           Action Figures - characters
      4   Damsels in Danger - Cybersex by Dave Johnson              Miss Adventure - Meet Mr. Mentos
      5   Premier Edition Checklist
      6   Damsels in Danger - Lady Lawyer by Dave Johnson           Night Claw - Dancing with the Night Shadow
      7   Men's Adventure Comics - Miss Adventure by Gary Leash     Latischa
      8   Penthouse Comix - Queen Cleopatra by Mark Texeira         Bang Bang - Armed and Dangerous!!!
      9   Penthouse Comix - Surfs Up by Horatio Altuna              Backlash by Subirna Ross
     10   Men's Adventure Comix - Action Figures by Boris Vallejo   Iguana unpublished character
     11   Penthouse Comix - Nattie Levner by Mark Texeria           Hot Stories - To Di Fori
     12   Penthouse Comix - Cover art by Boris Vallejo              Miss Adventure - The Ejaculator
     13   Damsels in Danger - Chessmen Women by Ernie Colon         Bethlehem Steele - To Fell An Empire
     14   Premier Edition Checklist
     15   Damsels in Danger - The Sex Files by Les Edwards          Abducted by Aliens - Unpublished art
     16   Penthouse Comix - Catwalk by Frank Frazetta               Libby in the Lost World
     17   Penthouse Comix - Night Girl by Luis Royo                 LA-X, Babewatch
     18   Penthouse Comix - Cover Art by Kevin Nowlan               Kodiak - Karl Kodiak
     19   Penthouse Comix - Cover Art by Mark Beachum               Miss Pruit - Captain Erotica
     20   Penthouse Comix - Bang Bang by Jason Pearson              Teen Supreme - Christmas Special
     21   Max - Hericane by Jim Burns                               Scion - The Truth
     22   Damsels in Danger - Kodiak & Friends by Glenn Fabry       Slim & Nun - Slim Chance meets Celeste Duprez
     23   Premier Edition Checklist
     24   Damsels in Danger - Aqua Raven by Sorayama                Velvet Flytrap
     25   Penthouse Comix - Cover Art by Joe Chido                  Doctor Dare - Steamy Thoughts
     26   Men's Adventure Comix - Daddy's Little Girl by Sorayama   Black Rogue by Gray Morrow
     27   Penthouse Comix - Cover Art by Sorayama                   Young Captain Adventure


Bonus Card (#2,3,4 were released in Penthouse Returns Series 2)

1 of 12   1996 Pet of the Month Miss Emerald Heart

Alphonso Azpiri Autograph (1000 made)

    --    Bethlehem Steele Redemption Card / Survey
    --    Alphonso Azpiri Autograph


 1 of 1   Hericane (art by Adam Hughes; dealer promo)

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