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Perverted Priests!
   Mother Productions - 1993

Notes: The 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" cards were released as a box set, with portrait drawings 
on fronts and card text (in Bible-verse format) on backs. Box markings include: 
"100% Unnatural - Corrupted Clergy - Maniac Messiahs - Sinister Ministers - 
Heinous Horny Healers - Lesbian Nuns." Credits include writer "Depo Provera" 
and artist "Fr. Oral N. Recxhtem."

Cardet   Title

     1   David Koresh
     2   Jim Jones
     3   Fr. James N. Porter
     4   Rev. Jum Bakker
     5   Jimmy Swaggart
     6   Archbishop Robert Sanchez
     7   Fr. Robert Kirsch
     8   Fr. David Holley
     9   Father Jason Sigler
    10   Sr. Mary Ethna
    11   Fr. Clive Lynn
    12   Fr. Vincent Lipinsky
    13   Fr. Edward Rutkowski
    14   Fr. Arthur Perrault
    15   Rev. Gilbert Gauthe
    16   Fr. Gordon MacRae
    17   Fr. Earl Bierman
    18   Rev. Walker Railey
    19   Sr. Nancy Manahan
    20   Fr. Ronald Provost
    21   Fr. Daniel Calabrese
    22   Fr. Edward Pipala
    23   Moses Berg
    24   Ervil LeBaron
    25   Krishna Venta
    26   Father Divine
    27   Aimee Semple McPherson
    28   Sister Violet and Rose
    29   Rev. Edward Wheeler Hall
    30   Grigory Rasputin
    31   Bishop Pitirim
    32   Joshua the Second
    33   Rev. Henry Ward Beecher
    34   Rev. John Humphrey Noyes
    35   Rev. George Burroughs
    36   Pope Alxander VI

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