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The Phantom Gallery
   Intrepid - 1996

Notes:  There was no card numbered 53, but two different cards marked 52.
Thanks to Marcia Fanchin for the update!

No.    Card Text / Artist

Story Line (Art by Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon)

 01    There is an order here not found in ci
 02    (no text)
 03    Some might call it cruel.
 04    Each decapitated with rough precision.
 05    (no text)
 06    In their world of certainty and comfor
 07    But unlike the world of man everything
 08    Not by a government. Not by an animal
 09    There is an order.
 10    We have been tracking the poachers thr
 11    They are packing the heads away on foo
 12    I believe they are making their way do
 13    Mhoga, take the jungle patrol back and
 14    The Valley of Shades.
 15    Devil come with me.
 16    Beware in the Valley. We will be sayin
 17    But just as chancy, Bhuto.
 18    Save your prayers for the poachers.
 19    One more day and we're out of here wit
 20    Right. So we got enough bleedin' monke
 21    With randy old buggers willing to pay
 22    We'll stay out here 'til I say diff'rn
 23    And I don't need your permission, Tand
 24    The freezing units are still at optimu
 25    We can still peg some 'rillas before d
 26    I'm the one does the thinkin', Khaki.
 27    But they speak of the Ghost Who Walks
 28    Chuff!
 29    Eh?
 30    Hunh.
 31    Wadji, do you..?
 32    The Mark of the Skull.
 33    Tell 'em to break camp. We make Rampop
 34    I see it.
 35    He visits us and brings us death!
 36    The Ghost!
 37    We'll all wait here for the game autho
 38    Thanks for the tip Ghost. We'll use an
 39    (no text)
 40    What a bloody shame.
 41    I wanted to step over his body.
 42    Where'd the wolf get to, Dr Hsu?
 43    (no text)
 44    (no text)
 45    Then forget the mutt. Let's get going!
 46    Bring him to the Skull Cave.
 47    His spirit is weak and slipping away.
 48    We must keep his spirit from retreatin
 49    Lie him in the light of the Moon Godde
 50    (no text)
 51    Now to bind his spirit to him within t
(52)   The spirit will rejoin him, or wither
(52)   (no text)
 54    (no text)


 55    Paul Gulacy
 56    George Perez
 57    Rudy Nebres
 58    Mike Grell
 59    Ken Steacy
 60    Steve Leialoha
 61    Joe Staton
 62    Trina Robbins
 63    Brian Murray
 64    Dave Hoover
 65    Dan Panosian
 66    Patrick Blaine
 67    Chance Wolf
 68    Jeff Johnson
 69    Mark Pacella
 70    Stuart Immonen
 71    Rodolfo Damaggio
 72    Mike Manley
 73    Mark Nelson
 74    Bret Blevins
 75    Clarke Hawbaker
 76    Aaron Lopresti
 77    Dale Keown
 78    Richard Pace


 79    Stan Sakai
 80    Sergio Aragones
 81    Sergio Medina

British Invasion

 82    Kevin O'Neill
 83    Trevor Goring
 84    Mark Farmer

Wizards of Oz

 85    Frants Hantor
 86    Sergio Medina
 87    Matt Hatton
 88    Shea Anton Pensa
 89    Chris Wahl
 90    Pete Mullins
 91    Greg Taylor
 92    Jason Paulos
 93    Nick Stathopoulos
 94    Andrew Kent
 95    Michal Dutkiewicz
 96    Ashley Wood
 97    Gary Chaloner
 98    Paul Power
 99    John Dixon

100    Checklist


Legends Cards

 L1    Frank Frazetta
 L2    Jim Steranko
 L3    Simon Bisley
 L4    Bernie Wrightson
 L5    Moebius
 L6    Neal Adams
 L7    Dave Dorman
 L8    George Evans
 L9    Bill Sienkiewicz

Phantom Year One Cards (art by Glenn Lumsden and Dave de Vries)

 Y1    (goons with guns)
 Y2    (agonizing over strapped-down Phantom)
 Y3    (Skull Throne)
 Y4    (girl in city)
 Y5    (drooling Devil)
 Y6    (riding Hero)

Past ... Present ... Future Phantom Cards (art by Glenn Ford)

 P1    (man and woman)
 P2    (back to back)
 P3    (side by side)

Signature Cards

 L1    Frank Frazetta
 L2    Jim Steranko
 L3    Simon Bisley
 L4    Bernie Wrightson
 L5    Moebius
 L6    Neal Adams
 L7    Dave Dorman
 L8    George Evans
 L9    Bill Sienkiewicz

Limited Edition Signed Cards (by redemption; # to 1000 total)

 Y1    Dave de Vries
 Y1    Glenn Lumsden
 --       Exchange Card
 Y2    Dave de Vries
 Y2    Glenn Lumsden
 --       Exchange Card
 Y3    Dave de Vries
 Y3    Glenn Lumsden
 --       Exchange Card
 Y4    Dave de Vries
 Y4    Glenn Lumsden
 --       Exchange Card
 Y5    Dave de Vries
 Y5    Glenn Lumsden
 --       Exchange Card
 Y6    Dave de Vries
 Y6    Glenn Lumsden
 --       Exchange Card
 P1    Glenn Ford
 --       Exchange Card
 P2    Glenn Ford
 --       Exchange Card
 P3    Glenn Ford
 --       Exchange Card

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --    (sheet of 100 base cards)


 --    (Unnumbered, copyright 1995)
 --    (red; shooting with 4 skeletons; unnumbered, copyright 1996)
 --    (black; sitting on skull throne; unnumbered, copyright 1996)

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