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The Phantom
Inkworks - 1996

Note:  Thanks to Genny Carr for preparing the original checklist!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.14 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

   The Phantom Story

  1   The Phantom
  2   The Sengh Strikes
  3   Horrifying Night
  4   A Father is Killed
  5   Washed Ashore
  6   The Bengalla Tribe
  7   The Shaman
  8   Quill's Map
  9   The Silver Skull
 10   The Mummy Strikes
 11   A Looter is Strangled
 12   Rides The Phantom
 13   Mercenaries Strike Back
 14   Dangerous Ride
 15   Desperate Moments
 16   Rescuing Zak
 17   Studying the Chronicles
 18   Father of the Phantom
 19   Torchlight Study
 20   The Skull Throne
 21   Diana Palmer
 22   Long Island Party
 23   The Adventure Begins
 24   Guran's Radio Room
 25   Sala and Her Hostage
 26   Phantom Breaks In
 27   A Wet Discovery
 28   Sala's Kiss
 29   Sala and Her Pilots
 30   Ghost Action
 31   Lending an Elbow
 32   After Them!
 33   Air Escape
 34   Seaplane Aloft
 35   A Risky Move
 36   Riding to Skull Cave
 37   A Welcome Rest
 38   No Privacy
 39   The Phantom's Domain
 40   The Golden Beach
 41   No Friend of Mine
 42   Diana's Necklace
 43   Packing Up
 44   Mobsters Meet the Skull
 45   Sultry Sala
 46   Back in the Big Apple
 47   Teaming Up
 48   Recovery Mission
 49   Kit Held Captive
 50   Drax Controls Skulls
 51   Ghost in New York
 52   A Walk in the Park
 53   On the Dock
 54   A Wing and a Ghost
 55   To the Pirate Lair
 56   Pirate Capture
 57   The Evil Rulers Meet
 58   The Phantom Lurks
 59   Kabai Sengh
 60   The Fight Begins
 61   Crossing Swords
 62   To the Death
 63   Diana & Sala Team Up
 64   The Final Showdown
 65   The Skulls Combined
 66   The Power of The Phantom
 67   Final Moments
 68   Evil is gone
 69   Good Day for a Rescue
 70   The Long Goodbye
 71   The Ghost Who Walks
 72   The Creator

   Cast & Characters

 73   The Phantom - Billy Zane
 74   Kit Walker - Billy Zane
 75   Diana Palmer - Kristy Swanson
 76   Xander Drax - Treat Williams
 77   Kabai Sengh - Cary-Hiroyuki Tigawa
 78   Zak - Chatpong Petchlor
 79   Sala - Catherine Zeta Jones
 80   The Phantom's Father - Patrick McGoohan
 81   Quill - James Remar

   The World of The Phantom

 82   The Rings
 83   Skull Cave
 84   Inside the Skull Cave
 85   Skull Cave Crypts
 86   The Costume
 87   Hero
 88   Devil
 89   Skulls of Touganda

 90   The Phantom [Checklist]


Embossed Joe Jusko Puzzle Cards (1:10 packs)

 P1   The Phantom must always find a new wom
 P2   One early Phantom is known to have mar
 P3   An early Phantom chose a bride with a
 P4   The fifth Phantom crossed swords with
 P5   There are even Phantoms as part of Ame
 P6   The sixteenth Phantom used his excelle
 P7   The Phantom keeps secret bases, homes
 P8   The Man Who Cannot Die sends his sons
 P9   The ghost Who Walks is fabulously weal

Foilworks Skulls (1:35 packs)

 F1   Jade Skull of Touganda
 F2   Silver Skull of Touganda
 F3   Gold Skull of Touganda

Ghost-Who-Walks Lenticularworks Card (1:96 packs)

 L1   The last hope of justice... for 400 years

Uncut Sheet (2500 made)

 --   (9-up panel, P1-P9)

Autographed Uncut Sheet (400 signed)

 --   Joe Jusko (9-up panel, P1-P9)


S1   (Non-Sport Update)

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