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Phoney Records Stickers - Test Set
   Topps - 1967
Phoney Records Stickers
   Topps - 1967

Notes: Fronts are 3-3/8" square, with a disc-shaped sticker on the front with a parody 
song release and blank backs. The test stickers were approximately 2-1/2" square. The 
regular release included square "Stupid Hit Songs" cards with lyrics front-and-back; in 
the test set those inserts were 2-1/2" x 2-5/8". Sources and images disagree on the 
numbering of the insert cards, and changes may have been made during production.

American Card Catalog reference is R705-6. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-
Sports Cards gallery.

Pack: 1 sticker-card + 1 card + gum.

No.   Title                                                 Artist

  1   Sunburn in the City                                   The Loaded Shovelfull
  2   California Screamin'                                  The Grandmanas and Grandpapas
  3   Soil and Perspiration                                 Rawchest Brothers
  4   I Know a Plague                                       Peculiar Clark
  5   Fink of the Road                                      Robert Mildew and the Nashville Cats
  6   Yawn (Go Away)                                        Four Seesaws
  7   Irving The XI                                         Sherman's Sherbets
  8   Winchester Rifle                                      Old Audible Band
  9   Do You Ever See Your Father, Baby,                    The Falling Stones
         Standing in the Shower?
 10   I Got the Flu, Babe                                   Sunny & Fair
 11   Stranglers in the Night                               Frank Sinister
 12   Reach Out, I'll Be Bare                               The Four Topless
 13   Stop! In the Name of the Law                          The Soup Greens
 14   Wooly Blanket                                         Stan the Ham and the Sparrows
 15   Split Pea                                             Tommy Rot
 16   I Can't Stop Slugging You                             Ray Charged
 17   Fooey, Fooey                                          The Kingpins
 18   Ban! Ban!                                             Share (and Share Alike)
 19   Eve of Distraction                                    Bury McGuire
 20   Last Plane to Clucksville                             The Donkees
 21   House of the Rising Slum                              The Animules
 22   I Am a Roach                                          Slimy and Garfink
 23   Good & Yellow                                         Down-a-gain
 24   Your Aunt's Nothin' But a Hound Dog                   Elvis Pretzel and the Jordan Nuts
 25   Glumb All Over                                        Dumb Cluck 5
 26   I Wanna Hold Your Claw                                Beastlies
 27   Like a Bouncing Ball                                  Bob Dilly
 28   Daddy's Got a Brand New Hag                           James Clown
 29   Everybody Loves Some Boozin'                          Dean Martini
 30   Hello Doily                                           Louis Headstrong
 31   Everybody Loves a Clod                                Gary Lousy
 32   A Taste of Money                                      Herb Aspirin and the Tijuana Brats
 33   Hey Mr. Tangerine Man                                 The Burps
 34   You Don't Have to Say You Loathe Me                   Dusty Springboard
 35   Ballad of The Green Berries                           Sgt. Barry Saddlesore
 36   Burp Me, Rhonda                                       Bleach Boys
 37   96 Fears                                              J & The Miserables
 38   These Booths Are Made for Talking                     Nancy Sinister
 39   Blowing in the Hanky                                  Peter, Paul, and Murray
 40   Peephole                                              Barbara Strychnine


Stupid Hit Songs (3-3/8" square)

  1   Strangled in the Night
  2   Jello Charlie
  3   Sore
  4   They Found His Heart in San Francisco
  5   Thing on the Road
  6   Mack The Agent
  7   Put Down
  8   He's a Big Brain But Dullsville
  9   Please Chim-in-ees
 10   A Lot of Givin' To Do
 11   I'm Buying Every Thing on Time
 12   At Night
 13   Rushing Out of School
 14   Something Crazy
 15   Make Life
 16   I've Got Them Over My Skin

Stupid Hit Songs Test Set

  3   Sore
  4   A Lot of Givin' To Do
  5   I'm Buying Every Thing on Time
  7   Put Down
  9   Please Chim-in-ees

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