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Pinups Uncovered
21st Century Archives - 1996

Note:  Also produced as a factory set of 50 base cards + 1 Boudoir Beauties 

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards. 10 boxes/case.
Common sets: approx. 5.70 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Artist: Card Text                                 Year

  1   Earl Moran: For over fifty years calendars wer    1944
  2   Gil Elvgren: Up until the Early 40's, the main    1938
  3   Gil Elvgren: Elvgren is considered by many to     1938
  4   Gil Elvgren: The paintings Gil Elvgren did for    1938
  5   Earl Moran: Earl Steffa Moran was born Decembe    1940
  6   Earl Moran: "When I signed a contract to work     1941
  7   Billy Devorss: Devorss became an accomplished     1942
  8   Zoe Mozert: Zoe Mozert was born April 27, 1907    1942
  9   Zoe Mozert: The felicitous Miss Mozert worked     1943
 10   Zoe Mozert: Paramount Pictures made a movie sh    1943
 11   T.N. Thompson: Thompson was originally an unde    1944
 12   Zoe Mozert: In 1945 millionaire Howard Hughes     1944
 13   Jules Erbit: With the start of W.W.II, soldier    1944
 14   Gil Elvgren: Much of Gil Elvgren's success was    1944
 15   Jules Erbit: The clev er use of a nude on the     1945
 16   Gil Elvgren: During the fifty years Gil Elvgre    1945
 17   Gil Elvgren: The bear skin rug has always symb    1945
 18   Earl MacPherson: MacPherson became nationally     1945
 19   Earl Moran: He studied at the Chicago Art Inst    1945
 20   Earl Moran: Moran painted many beautiful women    1946
 21   Joyce Ballantyne: Nebraska born Joyce Ballanty    1947
 22   Allen Chott: Chott moved into the limelight as    1947
 23   Jules Erbit: Male fantasies naturally drift to    1947
 24   Gil Elvgren: Elvgren knew the inner working's     1948
 25   Gil Elvgren: Gil knew how to hook his clients     1948
 26   Gil Elvgren: It is curious that odd little lim    1948
 27   Gil Elvgren: The popularity and appreciation o    1948
 28   Art Frahm: A number of small calendar companie    1950
 29   Joyce Ballantyne: Joyce Ballantyne and Zoe Moz    1951
 30   Joyce Ballantyne: Be it a pin-up, billboard, c    1955
 31   Joyce Ballantyne: "In 1942 the draft was in fu    1955
 32   Joyce Ballantyne: "One of my first assignments    1955
 33   Joyce Ballantyne: Joyce was a contributor to S    1955
 34   Earl MacPherson: Born August 3, 1910, in Oklah    1956
 35   Earl MacPherson: Blondes, brunettes, red-heads    1956
 36   Earl MacPherson: When choosing a model, Earl M    1956
 37   Anton Brule: Brule, who was born in France, hi    1960
 38   Anton Brule: Mr. Brule reached the zenith of h    1960
 39   Anton Brule: The love letter has always incite    1962
 40   Anton Brule: In 1485, Botticelli immortalized     1962
 41   Anton Brule: In the Fifties and Sixties, many     1962
 42   Ren Wicks: Ren Wicks was born in Syracuse, New    1962
 43   Bill Randall: While no other calendar company     1965
 44   Bill Randall: In the 1960's a radical openness    1965
 45   Bill Randall: Some calendar companies would co    1965
 46   Bill Randall: Island maidens have enchanted th    1967
 47   Bill Randall: Randall was widely recognized fo    1967
 48   Bill Randall: The culture and morays of the Un    1967
 49   Don Rust: Don 'Rusty' Rust was born in Erie, P    1995
 50   Punz Wolff: Punz is one of the most exciting n    1995


Boudoir Beauties Cards

 B1   Henry Clive
 B2   Gil Elvgren
 B3   Bradshaw Crandall
 B4   Arnie Kohn
 B5   Earl Moran


 --   Available December 1995 (Earl Moran, lady in red)
 --   (2-card panel; 4" x 6")

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