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Pioneer Days of Early America (Universal)
   Universal Toy & Novelty - 1930s

Notes: Cards are 2-1/4" x 3-1/4", and come in two variations: an unnumbered version 
with blank backs, and a numbered version that is closer to a traditional "3D glasses" 
edition. American Card Catalog reference is R789. Scans are posted at the Vintage 
Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.    Caption                                          Title                   #ver

B1     The Pioneer Often Met with Wolves                Pioneer Facing Danger   100
B2     The End of the Day
B3     A Pioneer Attacked by a Snake
B4     Taming Wild Horses
B5     An Indian Attack May Happen Any Time             Indian Attack           101
B6     The Rocks Were Alive with Indians
B7     Hunting for Gold
B8     Hunting Buffalo
B9     Black Bear, a Bad Indian Chief                   Black Bear              102
B10    Will They Get Through This Prairie Fire Alive?
B11    Indian Sets Cabin Afire with Burning Arrows
B12    A Prowling Bear at Night
B13    The Stampede                                     The Stampede            103
B14    Looking for Pioneers
B15    Getting Rid of a Bad Indian                      Bad Indian              107
B16    The Stage Coach Driver

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