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   Leaf - 1948

Notes: The series of 49 cards was skip-numbered, though the album had space for 
168 cards. Card fronts have color drawings and card backs have text and mail-in 
merchandise offers. The inside of wrappers had temporary tattoos. Many cards 
are observed with blurry printing. American Card Catalog reference is R790. 
Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                                    Mail-In Offer

  1   Captain Edwards                          Join the Buccaneer's Club!
  2   Captain Robert Deal                      [album offer]
  5   Capt. Hirain Breaker                     Be a Pirate Captain
  7   Slave Trading                            Bos'un's Whistle
  8   Dead Men Tell No Tales                   Join the Buccaneer's Club!
  9   Captain Kidd                             [album offer]
 11   "Black" Taylor                           Be a Pirate Captain
 13   Ali Basha                                [album offer]
 16   Sieur de Grammout                        Be a Pirate Captain
 21   Captain Condent                          Bos'un's Whistle
 22   Buccaneer                                Join the Buccaneer's Club!
 23   Sacking of Panama                        [album offer]
 24   Edward Lowe                              Be a Pirate Captain
 28   Barbarossa "Red Beard"                   Bos'un's Whistle
 30   Captain Jackman                          Be a Pirate Captain
 31   Captain Bartholomew Roberts              Bos'un's Whistle
 35   Charles Gibbs                            Join the Buccaneer's Club!
 38   Walking the Plank                        [album offer]
 40   Marooned                                 Be a Pirate Captain
 41   Pierre Le Grand                          Bos'un's Whistle
 42   Anne Bonney                              Join the Buccaneer's Club!
 45   Captain Charles Bellamy                  Bos'un's Whistle
 46   Captain Johnson                          Join the Buccaneer's Club!
 49   Capt. Thomas Anstis                      [album offer]
 50   William Lewis                            Be a Pirate Captain
 51   Joto and Cisco                           Bos'un's Whistle
 59   Edward Teach (Blackbeard)                Join the Buccaneer's Club!
 62   Major Stede Bonnet                       [album offer]
 65   Captain Bannister                        Join the Buccaneer's Club!
 73   Captain Crackers                         [album offer]
 78   Peter M'Kinlie                           Be a Pirate Captain
 79   Captain Dansker                          Bos'un's Whistle
 80   Henry Morgan                             Join the Buccaneer's Club!
 88   Edward Davis                             [album offer]
 92   Edward England                           Be a Pirate Captain
 96   Captain Greaves                          [album offer]
 99   George Cumberland                        Be a Pirate Captain
100   Captain John Criss (Jack the Bachelor)   Bos'un's Whistle
101   Capt. John Derdrake                      Join the Buccaneer's Club!
112   Basil Ringrose                           [album offer]
116   Jean La Fitte                            Be a Pirate Captain
124   Captain John Augur                       Bos'un's Whistle
125   Captain Grillo Diego                     Be a Pirate Captain
133   Captain William Dampier                  Bos'un's Whistle
136   Doctor Thomas Dover                      [album offer]
158   Capt. Joseph Bradley                     Join the Buccaneer's Club!
164   John Avery                               Be a Pirate Captain
165   Francis L'Olonis                         Bos'un's Whistle
168   Buccaneer Angria                         Join the Buccaneer's Club!


Card Album (sold separately)

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Uncut Sheet

 --   (cards 65-168)                           

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