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Pirate Treasure (Type 1)
   Holloway - 1930
Pirate Treasure (Type 2, black or red text)
   Holloway - 1930
Pirate Treasure (Type 3)
   Holloway - 1930

Notes: The small (1-3/4" x 2-3/4") Type 1 cards have the inscription "Save 48 
pictures for a complete story of 'Pirate Treasure' in black text on backs. Large 
Type 2 (2" x 3" with 1/4" nubs on both margins) have black text with "M.J. 
Holloway & Co.", or in a rare variant printing, with red text. Type 3 does 
not have card nubs but has the statement "Save an entire set of 18 pictures and 
get a larger pirate picture suitable for framing" in blue text.

Type 2 and Type 3 series are complete at 18 cards. American Card Catalog 
reference is R110. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   The Spanish Main.
  2   Captain Quelch.
  3   Land Ho!
  4   Provisions.
  5   A Friendly Visit?
  6   Boarding the Ship.
  7   Hand to Hand Fighting.
  8   Cornered.
  9   Walking the Plank.
 10   The Duel.
 11   Treachery.
 12   Revenge.
 13   Marooned.
 14   Dividing the Loot.
 15   Burying the Treasure.
 16   The Attack on the Fort.
 17   The Gallant Prisoner.
 18   Journey's End.

High-Number Cards (Type 1 only)

 19   Don Trinidad.
 20   Attacking Vultures of the Sea.
 21   Crow, the Pirate.
 22   Prisoners.
 23   The Escape.
 24   Safe on Shore.
 25   A Ship for the "Taking."
 26   Boarding the Galleon.
 27   The Battle.
 28   Victory and Revenge.
 29   Trinidad Decides Crow's Fate.
 30   The Schemer.
 31   Reinforcements.
 32   Battling the Storm.
 33   They Capture the City.
 34   Murder-Robbery-Destruction.
 35   Plunder.
 36   Celebrating Their Victory.
 37   Revenge at Last.
 38   Burying the Treasure.
 39   Attack on Crow.
 40   Against Terrific Odds.
 41   Crow's Cunning.
 42   Crow Barters His Life for a Secret.
 43   Trinidad's Courage.
 44   Treachery By Night.
 45   Death of Gypso.
 46   Trinidad's Decision.
 47   The Death of Captain Crow.
 48   Trinidad's Reward.

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