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Intrepid - 1995

Box: 48 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.36 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                       Artists


 01   Pitt                        Dale Keown, Top Cow
 02   Zoyvod                      Dale Keown, Top Cow
 03   Timmy                       Dale Keown, Top Cow
 04   Pitt                        Dale Keown, Olyoptics
 05   Wroth                       Dale Keown, Top Cow
 06   Twins                       Dale Keown, Top Cow
 07   Rai-Kee                     Dale Keown, Top Cow
 08   Lupé Silva                  Dale Keown, Top Cow
 09   Granpa                      Dale Keown, Olyoptics
 10   Kyte                        Dale Keown, Olyoptics
 11   Creed Warriors              Dale Keown, Olyoptics
 12   Sauras                      Dale Keown, Top Cow
 13   Shiro                       Dale Keown, Top Cow
 14   Alien Bounty Hunters        Dale Keown, Top Cow
 15   Jack Smithers               Richard Pace, Olyoptics
 16   Jereb                       Dale Keown, Top Cow
 17   Militia                     Richard Pace, Olyoptics
 18   Seer                        Richard Pace, Olyoptics

Creed Menace

 19   Creed Orbital Space Station Cam Kennedy, Olyoptics
 20   Creed Ice Fortress          Mark A Nelson, Olyoptics
 21   Creed Bounty Hunter         Brett Blevins, Olyoptics
 22   Creed Ship                  Patrick Blaine, Olyoptics
 23   Zoyvod's Holding Vat        Jeff Johnson, Olyoptics
 24   Creed Home Planet           Richard Pace, Olyoptics
 25   Creed Battle Armor          Joe Staton, Olyoptics
 26   Dung                        Mark Pacella, Olyoptics
 27   Creed Disruptors            Sergio Medina, Slideworks

Guest Artist Gallery

 28   Jae Lee                     Jae Lee, Olyoptics
 29   Mark A Nelson               Mark A Nelson, Olyoptics
 30   Jim Lee                     Jim Lee, Olyoptics
 31   Greg Capullo                Greg Capullo, Olyoptics
 32   George Perez                George Perez, Olyoptics
 33   Mike Deodato Jnr            Mike Deodato Jnr, Olyoptics
 34   Clarke Hawbaker             Clarke Hawbaker, Olyoptics
 35   Mike Turner                 Mike Turner, Olyoptics
 36   Peter David                 Peter David
 37   Jason Pearson               Jason Pearson, Olyoptics
 38   Anthony Chun                Anthony Chun, Olyoptics
 39   Ryan Benjamin               Ryan Benjamin, Olyoptics
 40   Frank Frazetta              Frank Frazetta, Olyoptics
 41   Brett Blevins               Brett Blevins, Olyoptics
 42   Dave Hoover                 Dave Hoover, Olyoptics
 43   Patrick Blaine              Patrick Blaine, Olyoptics
 44   Clarke Hawbaker             Clarke Hawbaker, Olyoptics
 45   Joe Benitez                 Joe Benitez, Olyoptics
 46   Mark Pacella                Mark Pacella, Olyoptics
 47   Michal Dutkiewicz           Michal Dutkiewicz, Olyoptics
 48   Clarke Hawbaker             Clarke Hawbaker, Olyoptics
 49   Mark Pacella                Mark Pacella, Olyoptics
 50   Aaron Lopresti              Aaron Lopresti, Olyoptics
 51   Dave Hoover                 Dave Hoover, Olyoptics
 52   Jeff Rebner                 Jeff Rebner, Olyoptics
 53   Joe Staton                  Joe Staton, Olyoptics
 54   Greg Capullo                Greg Capullo, Olyoptics

Battle Cards

 55   Zoyvod                      Clarke Hawbaker, Olyoptics
 56   Vs                          Clarke Hawbaker, Olyoptics
 57   Pitt                        Clarke Hawbaker, Olyoptics
 58   Timmy Vs                    Dan Panosian, Olyoptics
 59   Pitt                        Brandon Peterson, Olyoptics
 60   Vs                          Brandon Peterson, Olyoptics
 61   Zoyvod                      Dan Panosian, Olyoptics
 62   (Pitt)                      Brandon Peterson, Olyoptics
 63   Wroth                       Brandon Peterson, Olyoptics
 64   Bikers                      Dale Keown, Olyoptics
 65   Vs                          Dale Keown, Olyoptics
 66   Pitt                        Dale Keown, Olyoptics
 67   Sauras                      Chance Wolf, Olyoptics
 68   Pitt                        Chance Wolf, Olyoptics
 69   Rai-Kee Vs Zoyvod           Jason Pearson, Olyoptics
 70   Zoyvod                      Mark A Nelson, Olyoptics
 71   Timmy Vs                    Mark A Nelson, Olyoptics
 72   Pitt Vs Creed               Mike Manley, Olyoptics
 73   Pitt Vs Bank Robbers        Scott Clark, Olyoptics
 74   Lupé Silva                  Mike Deodato Jnr, Olyoptics
 75   Pitt Vs                     Mike Deodato Jnr, Olyoptics
 76   Bounty Hunter I             Jeff Rebner, Olyoptics
 77   Pitt Vs                     Jeff Rebner, Olyoptics
 78   Pitt Vs Bounty Hunter II    Aaron Lopresti, Olyoptics
 79   Subway Punks                Jeff Johnson, Olyoptics
 80   Vs                          Jeff Johnson, Olyoptics
 81   Pitt                        Jeff Johnson, Olyoptics
 82   Exploding Bounty Hunter HeadScott Clark, Olyoptics
 83   Pitt Vs                     Scott Clark, Olyoptics
 84   Timmy Vs                    David Lapham, Olyoptics
 85   Vs Creed                    Gary Frank, Olyoptics
 86   Rai-Kee & Granpa            Gary Frank, Olyoptics
 87   School Bullies              David Lapham, Olyoptics
 88   Creed                       Frank Gomez, Olyoptics
 89   Vs                          Frank Gomez, Olyoptics
 90   Rai-Kee                     Frank Gomez, Olyoptics

Axiom Enterprises

 91   Group Shot                  Patrick Blaine, Olyoptics
 92   Axiom Seekercraft           Patrick Blaine, Olyoptics
 93   Kyte's Wrist Cannons        Joe Staton, Olyoptics
 94   Professor Holdsworth        Chance Wolf, Olyoptics
 95   N.V.                        Mike Deodato Jnr, Olyoptics
 96   Sauras' T.C.A.              Chance Wolf, Olyoptics
 97   Kyte & Sauras               Dan Panosian, Olyoptics
 98   Militia Ship                Mike Deodato Jnr, Olyoptics
 99   Axiom Headquarters          Mark A Nelson, Olyoptics

100   Pitt Checklist              Dale Keown


Ashcan Character Cards

C1    Pitt                        Mike Turner, Olyoptics
C2    Pitt                        Jeff Johnson, Olyoptics
C3    Creed Battle Hounds         Dale Keown, Olyoptics
C4    Creed Interrogation Leeches Richard Pace, Olyoptics
C5    Timmy Bracken               Mike Manley, Olyoptics
C6    Lupé Silva                  Mike Deodato Jnr, Olyoptics
C7    Ectotheron Warriors         Dale Keown, Olyoptics
C8    Crytis                      Dale Keown, Olyoptics
C9    Tanja                       Dale Keown, Olyoptics

Ashcan Cover Cards

C10   Pitt #1 Cover
C11   Pitt #2 Cover               Aaron Lopresti, Tasty Fried Color
C12   Pitt #3 Cover               Mike Manley, Tasty Fried Color
C13   Pitt #4 Cover               Mark Pacella, Tasty Fried Color
C14   Pitt #5 Cover               Jeff Johnson, Tasty Fried Color
C15   Pitt #6 Cover               Dale Keown, Tasty Fried Color
C16   Pitt #7 Cover               Bill Sienkiewicz, Tasty Fried Color
C17   Pitt #8 Cover               Brett Blevins, Tasty Fried Color
C18   Pitt #9 Cover               Dale Keown, Tasty Fried Color

Holoforge Cards

H1    Pitt                        Joe Chiodo
H2    Zoyvod                      Joe Jusko
H3    Rai-Kee                     Joe Chiodo
H4    Sauras                      Richard Pace
H5    Wroth                       Ken Steacy
H6    Pitt                        Bill Sienkewicz

Siliconite Cards

S1    Timmy I
S2    Zoyvod
S3    Timmy II

Megamotion Card

M1    Pitt
--    (Redemption Card)

Card Album

--    (Binder)


---   (Unnumbered)
---   (dealer sell sheet)

©2000, 2001, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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