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Plaid Stallions - 2008-2010

Notes: These cards show examples from old department-store catalogs, especially 
from the 1970s, when fashion took turns that seem somewhat bizarre today. More 
cards will undoubtedly be released. Thanks much to Mike Tilford for original lists 
and to Mike and David Rosciszewki for updates! Further information and scans are 
posted at the Plaid Stallions website.

No.   Title

  0   Brick Mantooth
  1   Stretch Armstrong
  2   Maskatron [Six Million Dollar Man]
  3   Pulsar
  4   Big Jim vs Zorak
  5   AHI Monsters
  6   Evel Knieval
  7   Hugo
  8   Super Joe vs Terron
  9   FemBot
 10   Green Machine
 11   Godzilla
 12   Mike Power Atomic Man
 13   Lone Ranger [Gabriel]
 14   Sesame Street Finger Puppets
 15   Superheroes vs Monsters [Lincoln vs Mego]
 16   Mazinga
 17   Bulletman
 18   Adventure People
 19   Doctor Steel
 20   Six Million Dollar Man
 21   Cylon Centurian
 22   Torpedo Fist
 23   Rom
 24   Doctor Who
 25   Nerf Man
 26   Palitoy Space:1999
 27   Pocket Super Heroes
 28   Star Bird Avenger
 29   Remco Universal Monsters
 30   Kenner Alien
 31   Shindana Slade
 32   Stretch Armstrong
 33   Ghost of Captain Kidd
 34   Raydeen
 35   Jaws Game
 36   Godzilla VS Tricephalon
 37   Star Raiders
 38   Venus Space Probe
 39   Martian Chronicles
 40   The Whip
 41   Hypnos

 --   Slime
 --   Lincoln Mummy

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