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Poison Elves
Comic Images - 1996

Note:  Thanks much to Susan O'Fearna for the update!

Box: 48 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets (75): approx. 5.08 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Text/Title

  1  Enter Lusiphur, the anarchic elvin assassin
  2  Jace, one of Lusiphur's few true friends in
  3  Lusiphur comes home after a few weeks on the
  4  Lusiphur confronts his half-naked live-in gi
  5  Ghost, the dwarf assassin sent to kill Lusip
  6  Moments after single-handedly killing Beth a
  7  Lusiphur chases Ghost to an abandoned church
  8  Lusiphur meets Morachi (left), the "King of
  9  Cynthia heals the bullet-ridden Ghost so tha
 10  Lusiphur flips the proverbial "bird" at the
 11  Realizing that Lusiphur has beaten them at t
 12  Initially refusing to "fight a woman," Lusip
 13  His place in the guild assured, Lusiphur is
 14  After a long and gruelling battls of wits (a
 15  In his search for the elusive "Sanctuary," L
 16  Morachi and the rest of the Sanctuary crew s
 17  Stopping along the way to ventilate the fina
 18  Lusiphur scales the building that holds the
 19  Jack's wife wakes up to discover that even t
 20  As an unfortunate assassination target is ab
 21  Here's that guy with a sword we mentioned ba
 22  Having just been knocked out by Dendrin (a r
 23  Lusiphur lights up while trapped in his subc
 24  Lusiphur flashes back to the death of his ad
 25  Parintachin sports the fan-favorite phrase t
 26  Lusiphur and Parintachin embrace after our h
 27  Meanwhile, Jace--having landed a job with th
 28  A rightfully ticked-off elf bursts in on Den
 29  In a masterful montage sequence entitled "Se
 30  ... some violent violence...
 31  ... some violent sex...
 32  ... and finally a moment to ponder a little
 33  The Sanctuary's remodeled church stands alon
 34  Inside the Sanctuary's impenetrable lair, Lu
 35  The face of a killer: Lusiphur dons Spook's
 36  As his friends crings, Lusiphur ignorantly l
 37  Talon engages in a little light reading. Sha
 38  On the deserted twilight streets of Mandrath
 39  Turned on to the subject of ex-lovers, Cassa
 40  finally, Cassandra makes her true feelings k
 41  Moments before breaking the chain on their m
 42  NYAR! The battle cry for the one, the only
 43  Playing it cool as a self-imposed by-contrac
 44  Refusing to quit even when he's behind, the
 45  Suddenly, Lieutenant Vido creeps out of the
 46  The King Of Discontent
 47  The Razor's Edge
 48  Ghost Returns
 49  The Faerie
 50  Amrahly'nn Nights
 51  Sin Times Two
 52  Bye, Bye, Baby
 53  Dryad
 54  Annhikiahl and Luse
 55  Malache
 56  The Bark and the Bite
 57  Time's Up!
 58  Down and Out in Amineta
 59  Similitude of a Hero
 60  Debt Collections
 61  The Countess
 62  Tenth's Game
 63  One Percent
 64  Cohesions
 65  Lord of the Lilacs
 66  Children of Dust
 67  Disintegrating into Crow
 68  3 Days with Mr. Moto
 69  Strangers Die Every Day
 70  Samhain, 1515
 71  Lester
 72  Amrahly'nn Psycho
 73  Sex and Violence
 74  Ascending Notorious
 75  Night of the Marauder


Chromium Cards (1:24 packs)

C1   cover to I, Lusipher #3
C2   cover to I, Lusipher #6
C3   cover to Poison Elves #8: Wicked Yawn
C4   cover to Poison Elves #10
C5   cover to Poison Elves #11
C6   cover to Poison Elves #19: The Gypsy and the Troll
C7   (does this exist??)

Subset Cards (1:48 packs)

S1   Cover to Poison Elves #1 (first print) [art by Joseph Michael Linsner]
S2   Trade Paperback Vol 1:  Requiem For An Elf [art by Janine Johnston]

Autographed Card (limited to 500)

---  Drew Hayes

Box Bonus Card

---  (Box Bonus Card)


---  (unnumbered)
---  (dealer sell sheet)

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