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Pokémon Advanced Action Flipz
Artbox - 2003

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Artbox website.

No.    Title                             Type 1                 Type 2

AF01   Treecko - Grovye - Sceptile       Grass
AF02   Torchic - Combusken - Blaziken    Fire                   Fighting
AF03   Mudkip - Marshtomp - Swampert     Water                  Ground
AF04   Poochyena - Mightyena             Dark
AF05   Zigzagoon - Linoone               Normal
AF06   Wurmple - Silcoon - Beautifly     Bug                    Flying
AF07   Wurmple - Cascoon - Dustox        Bug                    Poison
AF08   Lotad - Lombre - Ludicolo         Water                  Grass
AF09   Seedot - Nuzleaf - Shiftcry       Grass                  Dark
AF10   Taillow - Swellow                 Normal                 Flying
AF11   Wingull - Pelipper                Water                  Flying
AF12   Ralts - Kirlia - Gardevoir        Psychic
AF13   Surskit - Masquerain              Bug                    Water/Flying
AF14   Shroomish - Breloom               Grass                  Fighting
AF15   Slakoth - Vigoroth - Slaking      Normal
AF16   Nincada - Ninjask                 Bug                    Ground/Flying
AF17   Nincada - Shedinja                Bug                    Ground/Ghost
AF18   Whismur - Loudred - Exploud       Normal
AF19   Makuhita - Hariyama               Fighting
AF20   Azurill - Marill - Azumarill      Normal                 Water
AF21   Skitty - Delcatty                 Normal
AF22   Sableye                           Dark                   Ghost
AF23   Aron - Lairon - Aggron            Steel                  Rock
AF24   Meditite - Medicham               Fighting               Psychic
AF25   Electrike - Manectric             Electric
AF26   Plusle                            Electric
AF27   Minun                             Electric
AF28   Gulpin - Swalot                   Poison
AF29   Carvanha - Sharpedo               Water                  Dark
AF30   Wailmer - Wailord                 Water                  Dark
AF31   Numel - Camerupt                  Fire                   Ground
AF32   Torkoal                           Fire
AF33   Spoink - Grumpig                  Psychic
AF34   Trapinch - Vibrava - Flygon       Ground                 Dragon
AF35   Cacnea - Cacturne                 Grass                  Dark
AF36   Swablu - Altaria                  Normal/Dragon          Flying
AF37   Seviper                           Poison
AF38   Barboach - Whiscash               Water                  Ground
AF39   Corphish - Crawdaunt              Water                  Dark
AF40   Baltoy - Claydol                  Ground                 Psychic
AF41   Lileep - Cradily                  Rock                   Grass
AF42   Anorith - Armaldo                 Rock                   Bug
AF43   Feebas - Milotic                  Water
AF44   Shuppet - Banette                 Ghost
AF45   Duskull - Dusclops                Ghost
AF46   Pichu - Pikachu - Raichu          Electric


Rare 3D Flipz

 R1    Elusive Relicanth
 R2    Bike Accident
 R3    Taillow Attacks
 R4    Rescue Attempt
 R5    Water Gun Attack
 R6    Pikachu Attack!

Box-Topper 3D Flipz

 T2    Pikachu

Collector's Album

 --    (binder)

Collectible Tin

 --    (tin)
 --    (7 packs of cards)
 --    (exclusive flipz)

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