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Pokémon Collectible Card Game (North American Version)
Nintendo Inc., GameFreak Inc., Creatures Inc. - 1999

Note:  Checklist generously compiled by Storm,
This is a checklist for the Pokémon Collectible Card Game from Wizards of the Coast
(émon) from Nintendo, Creatures, GAMEFREAK 1999. This is the
North American Version only. The Japanese version is different. There are 5 Starter Decks:
Regular, Blackout, Brushfire, Overgrowth, and Zap. There are also 11 card booster packs.
The cards are divided into common, uncommon, and rare cards. Some cards are foils, and
are obviously more collectible. There are 102 cards in this first edition set.

No.  Title           Type
Common Pokémon Cards

 43  Abra            Psychic Pokémon
 44  Bulbasaur       Grass Pokémon
 45  Caterpie        Bug Pokémon
 46  Charmander      Fire Pokémon
 47  Diglett         Ground Pokémon
 48  Doduo           Normal/Flying Pokémon
 49  Drowzee         Psychic Pokémon 
 50  Gastly          Ghost/Poison Pokémon 
 51  Koffing         Poison Pokémon 
 52  Machop          Fighting Pokémon 
 53  Metapod         Bug Pokémon 
 54  Nidoran         Poison Pokémon 
 55  Magnemite       Electric Pokémon 
 56  Onix            Rock/Ground Pokémon 
 57  Pidgey          Flying Pokémon
 58  Pikachu         Electric Pokémon 
 59  Poliwag         Water Pokémon
 60  Ponyta          Fire Pokémon 
 61  Rattata         Normal Pokémon
 62  Sandshrew       Ground Pokémon 
 63  Squirtle        Water Pokémon 
 64  Starmie         Water Pokémon 
 65  Staryu          Water Pokémon
 66  Tangela         Grass Pokémon 
 67  Voltorb         Electric Pokémon 
 68  Vulpix          Fire Pokémon
 69  Weedle          Bug/Poison Pokémon
Uncommon Pokémon Cards

 23  Arcanine        Fire Pokémon
 24  Charmeleon      Fire Pokémon  
 25  Dewgong         Water/Ice Pokémon
 26  Dratini         Dragon Pokémon  
 27  Farfetch'd      Flying Pokémon
 28  Growlithe       Fire Pokémon 
 29  Haunter         Ghost/Poison Pokémon 
 30  Ivysaur         Grass/Poison Pokémon 
 31  Jynx            Ice/Psychic Pokémon 
 32  Kadabra         Psychic Pokémon
 33  Kakuna          Bug/Poison Pokémon  
 34  Machoke         Fighting Pokémon
 35  Magikarp        Water Pokémon   
 36  Magmar          Fire Pokémon
 37  Nidorino        Poison Pokémon
 38  Poliwhirl       Water Pokémon   
 39  Porygon         Normal Pokémon
 40  Raticate        Normal Pokémon 
 41  Seel            Water Pokémon  
 42  Wartortle       Water Pokémon
Rare Holographic Cards
  1  Alakazam        Psychic Pokémon 
  2  Blastoise       Water Pokémon 
  3  Chansey         Normal Pokémon
  4  Charizard       Fire Pokémon
  5  Clefairy        Normal Pokémon 
  6  Gyarados        Water Pokémon
  7  Hitmonchan      Fighting Pokémon
  8  Machamp         Fighting Pokémon
  9  Magneton        Electric Pokémon
 10  Mewtwo          Psychic Pokémon
 11  NidoKing        Poison/Ground Pokémon
 12  Ninetales       Fire Pokémon
 13  Poliwrath       Water/Fighting Pokémon 
 14  Raichu          Electric Pokémon 
 15  Venusaur        Grass/Poison Pokémon
 16  Zapdos          Electric/Flying Pokémon
Rare Cards (Not Holographic)
 17  Beedrill        Bug/Poison Pokémon 
 18  Dragonair       Dragon Pokémon 
 19  Dugtrio         Ground Pokémon
 20  Electabuzz      Electric Pokémon
 21  Electrode       Electric Pokémon 
 22  Pidgeotto       Flying Pokémon 
Rare Trainer Cards 

 70  Clefairy Doll 
 71  Computer Search 
 72  Devolution Spray
 73  Imposter Professor Oak 
 74  Item Finder
 75  Lass 
 76  Pokémon Breeder
 77  Pokémon Trainer 
 78  Scoop Up 
 79  Super Energy Removal
Uncommon Trainer Cards

 80  Defender
 81  Energy Retrieval
 82  Full Heal
 83  Maintenance
 84  PlusPower
 85  Pokémon Center
 86  Pokémon Flute
 87  Pokedex
 88  Professor Oak
 89  Revive
 90  Super Potion
Common Trainer Cards

 91  Bill 
 92  Energy Removal 
 93  Gust of Wind 
 94  Potion 
 95  Switch
Energy Cards

 96  Double Colorless Energy   (Uncommon)
 97  Fighting Energy           (Common)
 98  Fire Energy               (Common)
 99  Grass Energy              (Common)
100  Electric Energy           (Common)
101  Psychic Energy            (Common)
102  Water Energy              (Common)

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©1999, 2000, 2009 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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