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Pooh Album Stickers
Panini - 1995

Note:  This is a different set from the factory set/album distributed by Diamond.
The numbered stickers were distributed about 4.5 per box on average, with the
lettered stickers found at about 1.8 per box on average.

No.   Picture

  1   The whole gang
  2   Pursued by bees
  3   Pooh and butterfly
  4   Fence hopping
  5   Treehouse (top left)
  6   Treehouse (top right)
  7   Treehouse (bottom left)
  8   Treehouse (bottom right)
  9   Campfire (left)
 10   Campfire (right)
 11   Mirror front
 12   Mirror back
 13   Getting hunny jar
 14   Hunny jar on face
 15   Climbing branch
 16   Branch at hunny hole
 17   Falling off branch (left)
 18   Falling off branch (right)
 19   Laughing bee
 20   Brambled Pooh
 21   Sitting on log
 22   Balloon bike (left)
 23   Balloon bike (right)
 24   C.R. lifting Pooh, balloon (top)
 25   C.R. lifting Pooh, balloon (bottom)
 26   Silhouette Pooh, balloon
 27   Christopher stretching
 28   Balloon riding Pooh (top)
 29   Balloon riding Pooh (bottom)
 30   Ballooning to hunny hole
 31   A hunny bib
 32   Christopher's umbrella
 33   Beez blitz balloon (left)
 34   Beez blitz balloon (right)
 35   Umbrella lift (top)
 36   Umbrella lift (bottom)
 37   C.R. and Pooh
 38   Dinner bell
 39   Sandwiches
 40   Log fire burning
 41   Hunny jars
 42   Rabbit
 43   Roo pouch
 44   Empty hunny jar
 45   Beaver
 46   Blue balloon
 47   Piglet
 48   Bugle and stool
 49   Football and top
 50   Drum and block
 51   Gun and blocks
 52   Window
 53   Eeyore
 54   Roo
 55   Train
 56   Boat
 57   Through fence (left)
 58   Through fence (right)
 59   Hunny is served
 60   Bundled Piglet (top)
 61   Bundled Piglet (bottom)
 62   Carrot cart (left)
 63   Carrot cart (right)
 64   Tigger downs Pooh
 65   Mama Roo and joey (left)
 66   Mama Roo and joey (right)
 67   Piglet sweeps
 68   Pooh and Piglet at window
 69   C.R. over the fence
 70   Eeyore tail bow
 71   Pooh under covers (top left)
 72   Pooh under covers (top right)
 73   Pooh under covers (bottom left)
 74   Pooh under covers (bottom right)
 75   Pooh in nighshirt with Tigger
 76   Tigger over Pooh (top left)
 77   Tigger over Pooh (top right)
 78   Tigger over Pooh (bottom left)
 79   Tigger over Pooh (bottom right)
 80   Tigger hunny yuck (top)
 81   Tigger hunny yuck (bottom)
 82   Tigger happy
 83   Pooh gets up
 84   Aim popgun at mirror
 85   Snoozing Pooh (top)
 86   Snoozing Pooh (middle)
 87   Snoozing Pooh (bottom)
 88   The Hunny Dance
 89   Talking jars
 90   Flooded bedroom
 91   Chair with Owl
 92   Trespassers unwelcome
 93   Marching band (left)
 94   Marching band (right)
 95   Outdoor feast (left)
 96   Outdoor feast (right)
 97   Falling cup
 98   Pencil jar
 99   Feather
100   Overflowing sandwich
101   Owl portrait
102   Books
103   Tipping teacup
104   Sandwich triangle
105   Sloshing teacup
106   Porridge and spoon
107   Purple balloon
108   Owl head
109   Cupcake
110   Teapot
111   Chocolate pudding
112   Wrapped present
113   Triple-deck sandwich
114   Ice cream
115   Lunch platter
116   Eeyore tail
117   Yawning with Piglet
118   Sleepy owl
119   Flowers through window (left)
120   Flowers through window (right)

Clear Stickers ("Inserts")

 A    Pooh
 B    Eeyore
 C    Rabbit
 D    Tigger
 E    Roo
 F    Piglet
 G    Christopher Robin
 H    Owl
 I    Joey jumping
 J    Cake
 K    Tea service
 L    Hunny jars
 M    Flower pot
 O    Branch top at left
 P    Branch top at right
 Q    Smiley face
 R    Clock and mug
 S    Pooh skating
 T    Piglet skating
 U    Rabbit skating
 V    Tigger bouncing
 W    Joey skating
 X    Christopher skating

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