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Popademic Pop Cards
The Art of Joey & Rhonda Havlock
   RedX Cards - 2015

Notes: Cards are limited to 200 copies each and feature painted bottles. They are 
sold in screw-down display case, 3" x 5", with a display easel.. Further information 
and scans are posted  
at the Trading Card Factory website.

   No.    Title

   P1     Maxwell von Pop
   P2     Rutherford
   P3     Marvin Mercury
   P4     Everett Avercamp
   P5     Keyblade
   P6     Tweak
   P7     Veronica Tonic
   P8     Naughty Secret
   P9     Whisper Kiss
   P10    Adorable Alura
   P11    Rita Margarita
   P12    Bottled Somewhere in a Faraway Mind

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