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Pop Century
Razor - 2010

Notes:  Regular autographs came in three levels of scarcity: white (unnumbered), 
silver (# usually to 25), and gold (# usually to 5) with some exceptions for silver 
and gold. Noted at the right are the versions I have observed. The "promo" versions 
were sold at San Diego Comic Con 2010 and were numbered to 5; perhaps all of 
the common autographs had promo versions, which were distinguisned by a blue 
background.  Award Winners autographs also came in three levels of scarcity, 
while the co-stars autographs came in two numbered versions, silver (usually 25) 
and gold (usually 5). Where I show an "x" by the card number I have not confirmed 
the card numbering. Wardrobe/costume cards came in three versions, blue (20), red 
(5), and gold (1 of 1).

Further information and scans are posted at the Leaf website.

Box: 3 autograph cards + 3 costume relics. 12 boxes/case.

    No.       Title

Regular Autographs                          White   Silver   Gold   Promo

AU-AB1        Amber Benson                    W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-AC1        Adrianne Curry                  W      S25
AU-AD1        Annie Duke                      W      S 5             NB5
AU-AJ1        Ashley Judd                     W
AU-AO1        Aubrey O'Day                    W
AU-AP1        Adrian Pasdar                   W      S25             NB5
AU-AP2        Audrina Patridge                W      S25      G5
AU-AT1        Andrea Thompson                 W      S25
AU-AW1        Amy Weber                       W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-BB1        Beau Bridges                    W      S25
AU-BC1        Bruce Campbell                  W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-BD1        Bo Derek                        W      S 5
AU-BF1        Bethenny Frankel                W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-BJ1        Bruce Jenner                    W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-BP1        Butch Patrick                   W      S25      G5
AU-BW1        Barry Williams                  W      S25
AU-CA1        Christian Audigier              W      S25             NB5
AU-CB1        Corben Bernsen                  W      S25
AU-CC1        Charisma Carpenter              W      S25             NB5
AU-CJ1        Christopher Judge               W      S25             NB5
AU-CK1        Christopher Knight              W      S25             NB5
AU-CL1        Christopher Lloyd               W      S25,S5
AU-DB1        Debby Boone                     W      S25
AU-DD1        Donna D'Errico                  W      S25             NB5
AU-DD2        Donna Douglas                   W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-DJ1        Davy Jones                      W      S25
AU-DW1        Dawn Wells                      W               G5     NB5
AU-E1         Elvira                          W      S25      G5
AU-EB1        Ernest Borgnine                 W      S 5
AU-EE1        Erika Eleniak                   W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-EG1        Erin Gray                       W      S25             NB5
AU-GG1        Gil Gerard                      W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-HF1        Harrison Ford                   W
AU-HP1        Hayden Panettiere               W      S25             NB5
AU-HS1        Helen Slater                    W                      NB5
AU-HW1        Henry Winkler                   W      S 5
AU-IT1        Ice-T                           W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-JC1        Jennifer Coolidge               W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-JC2        Jeff Conaway                    W      S25             NB5
AU-JD1        Joyce DeWitt                    W                      NB5
AU-JG1        Justin Gurarini                 W      S25             NB5
AU-JG2        Jennie Garth                    W
AU-JK1        Jennifer Korbin                 W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-JKL        James Kyson Lee                 W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-JM1        Jason Momoa                     W                      NB5
AU-JRD        John Rhys-Davies                W      S25
AU-JS1        John Schneider                  W                      NB5
AU-JS2        Jewel Staite                    W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-JT1        Jeffrey Tambor                  W      S25             NB5
AU-JW1        Jimmy Walker                    W      S25
AU-KK1        Khloé Kardashian                W      S25      G5
AU-KK2        Kim Kardashian                  W      S25      G5
AU-KK3        Kourtney Kardashian             W      S25             NB5
AU-KL1        Kristanna Loken                        S 5             NB5
AU-KP1        Kirsten Prout                   W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-KS1        Kevin Sorbo                     W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-KW1        Kendra Wilkinson                W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-LB1        Levar Burton                    W      S25             NB5
AU-LB2        Linda Blair                     W      S25             NB5
AU-LH1        Lauren Holly                    W      S25
AU-LH2        Larry Hagman                    W      S 5             NB5
AU-LH3        Linda Hamilton                  W      S 5
AU-LT1        Lea Thompson                    W      S25             NB5
AU-MF1        Mira Furlan                     W      S25             NB5
AU-MH1        Mark Hamill                     W      S 5
AU-MK1        Margot Kidder                   W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-MR1        Mickey Rooney                   W      S25,S5          NB5
AU-MSJ        Mia St. John                    W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-NE1        Nicole Eggert                   W               G5
AU-NN1        Nichelle Nichols                W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-PA1        Pamela Anderson
AU-PF1        Peter Fonda
AU-PM1        Peter Mayhew                    W      S25
AU-PR1        Paul Rodriguez                  W      S25      G5
AU-RC1        Richard Chamberlain             W                      NB5
AU-RD1        Richard Dreyfuss
AU-RH1        Ron Howard                      W                      NB5
AU-RK1        Richard Kiel                    W      S25
AU-RM1        Rita Moreno                     W      S 5             NB5
AU-SA1        Sean Astin                      W      S25      G5
AU-SD1        Sarah Douglas                   W      S25             NB5
AU-SF1        Steve-O                         W      S25             NB5
AU-SL1        Shayne Lamas                    W                      NB5
AU-SL2        Stan Lee                        W      S25      G5
AU-SO1        Stephen Furst                   W      S25
AU-SP1        Stephanie Pratt                 W      S25
AU-T1         Tiffany                         W      S25             NB5
AU-TB1        Todd Bridges                    W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-TC1        Tia Carerre                     W      S25             NB5
AU-TD1        Taylor Dayne                    W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-TD2        Thomas Dekker                   W                      NB5
AU-TM1        Taryn Manning                   W      S25             NB5
AU-TR1        Tanya Roberts                   W      S25             NB5
AU-TS1        Tori Spelling                   W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-TUC        The Unknown Comic               W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-VT1        Verne Troyer                    W      S25      G5     NB5
AU-WAY        Weird Al Yankovic               W      S25             NB5
AU-WJ1        Wynonna Judd                    W      S 5             NB5
AU-WS1        William Shatner

Award Winners Autographs

AW-AD1        Annie Duke                      50      25       5
AW-BB1        Beau Bridges                   100      25
AW-BJ1        Bruce Jenner                   100      25       5
AW-CL1        Christopher Lloyd               50      25       5
AW-EF1        Edward Furlong                  50      25       5
AW-HP1        Hayden Panettiere                       20       5
AW-HW1        Henry Winkler                   50      25       5
AW-LB2        Linda Blair                     50      25       5
AW-LH1        Lauren Holly                    50      25       5
AW-LH1        Linda Hamilton                  50      25
AW-LT1        Lea Thompson                    50      25
AW-LW1        Lindsay Wagner                  50      25
AW-MR1        Mickey Rooney                   50      25       5
AW-PF1        Peter Fonda                             10       5
AW-RC1        Richard Chamberlain             50      25       5
AW-RD1        Richard Dreyfuss                50      20
AW-RH1        Ron Howard                      50      10       5
AW-RM1        Rita Moreno                     50      25       5
AW-SA1        Sean Astin                     100               5
AW-VT1        Verne Troyer                   100               5
AW-WAY        Weird Al Yankovic              100      25
AW-WJ1        Wynonna Judd                            25
AW-WS1        William Shatner

Co-Stars Autographs

CS-AC/CK      Adrianne Curry, Christopher Knight     S25
CS-AJ/WJ   x  Ashley Judd, Wynonna Judd
CS-AP/CB      Adrian Pasdar, Corben Bernsen          S25      G5
CS-AP/JKL     Adrian Pasdar, James Kyson Lee         S25
CS-AP/SD      Adrian Pasdar, Sarah Douglas           S25      G5
CS-AP/SP      Audrina Patridge, Stephanie Pratt      S25      G5
CS-BB/CJ      Beau Bridges, Christopher Judge        S25      G5
CS-BB/JS      Beau Bridges, John Schneider           S25
CS-BC/CB      Bruce Campbell, Corben Bernsen         S25      G5
CS-BW/CK      Barry Williams, Christopher Knight     S25      G5
CS-BW/T    x  Barry Williams, Tiffany
CS-CB/CA      Corben Bernsen, Christopher Atkins     S25
CS-CS/KP   x  Christian Serratos, Kirsten Prout
CS-DJ/BP      Davy Jones, Butch Patrick              S25      G5
CS-E/JC       Elvira, Jeff Conaway                   S25      G5
CS-EC/AB      Emma Caulfield, Amber Benson           S25
CS-EE/DE      Erika Eleniak, Donna D'Errico          S25      G5
CS-EE/NE      Erika Eleniak, Nicole Eggert                    G5
CS-GG/EG      Gil Gerard, Erin Gray                           G5
CS-HP/AP      Hayden Panettiere, Adrian Pasdar       S 5
CS-HP/JKL     Hayden Panettiere, James Kyson Lee     S 5
CS-IT/EE   x  Ice-T, Erika Eleniak                   S25      G5
CS-JC/CL   x  Jeff Conaway, Christopher Lloyd
CS-JM/CJ      Jason Momoa, Christopher Judge         S25
CS-JRD/JT     John Rhys-Davies, Jeffrey Tambor       S25
CS-JS/BB      Jewel Staite, Beau Bridges                      G5
CS-JS/CJ      Jewel Staite, Christopher Judge        S25
CS-JS/HS   x  John Schneider, Helen Slater
CS-JT/CB      Jeffrey Tambor, Corben Bernsen         S25      G5
CS-JT/CL      Jeffrey Tambor, Christopher Lloyd      S25
CS-JT/HS      Jeffrey Tambor, Helen Slater           S25
CS-KK/KK2  x  Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian
CS-KK2/KK3 x  Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian
CS-KK/KK-3    Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian  S25
CS-KL/IT      Kristanna Loken, Ice-T                 S25
CS-KS/IT   x  Kevin Sorbo, Ice-T
CS-LB/EB      Linda Blair, Ernest Borgnine           S25      G5
CS-LT/BP   x  Larry Thomas, Butch Patrick            S25      G5
CS-LT/CL   x  Lea Thompson, Christopher Lloyd
CS-LT/FW   x  Larry Thomas, Fred Williamson          S25
CS-LT/JT      Larry Thomas, Jeffrey Tambor           S25      G5
CS-LW/EB      Lindsay Wagner, Ernest Borgnine        S25
CS-MB/LH      Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton          S25
CS-NE/DD      Nicole Eggert, Donna D'Errico          S25
CS-NE/EG      Nicole Eggert, Erin Gray               S25      G5
CS-NN/JKL     Nichelle Nichols, James Kyson Lee      S25
CS-PA/DD      Pamela Anderson, Donna D'Errico        S 5
CS-PA/EE      Pamela Anderson, Erika Eleniak                  G1
CS-PA/JM      Pamela Anderson, Jason Momoa                    G1
CS-PA/NE   x  Pamela Anderson, Nicole Eggert
CS-PM/MH   x  Peter Mayhew, Mark Hamill
CS-PR/JC      Paul Rodriguez, Jennifer Coolidge      S25      G5
CS-PS/CL   x  Patrick Stewart, Christopher Lloyd
CS-PS/JRD     Patrick Stewart, John Rhys-Davies      S 5
CS-PS/MH      Patrick Stewart, Mark Hamill           S 5      G5
CS-PS/SL   x  Patrick Stewart, Stan Lee
CS-PS/WS      Patrick Stewart, William Shatner
CS-RC/JRD     Richard Chamberlain, John Rhys-Davies  S25
CS-RH/HW   x  Ron Howard, Henry Winkler
CS-RH/RD      Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss           S 5
CS-RK/DJ      Richard Kiel, Davy Jones               S25
CS-RK/MR      Richard Kiel, Mickey Rooney            S25      G5
CS-SA/JRD     Sean Astin, John Rhys-Davies           S25,S5
CS-SD/CJ      Sarah Douglas, Christopher Judge       S25
CS-SD/MF      Sarah Douglas, Mira Furlan             S25
CS-SD/MK      Sarah Douglas, Margot Kidder           S25      G5
CS-SD/NE   x  Sarah Douglas, Nicole Eggert           S25
CS-SF/MF      Stephen Furst, Mira Furlan             S25
CS-TB/LT      Todd Bridges, Lea Thompson             S25
CS-TC/JRD  x  Tia Carerre, John Rhys-Davies          S25
CS-TC/KS      Tia Carerre, Kevin Sorbo               S25
CS-TR/JC      Tanya Roberts, Jeff Conaway            S25
CS-TR/MB      Tanya Roberts, Michael Biehn           S25
CS-TS/JG      Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth            S25
CS-WS/NN      William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols

Cut Signatures ("1 of 1 Masterpiece")

    --        Al Jolson
    --        Andy Kaufman
    --        Arthur Conan Doyle
    --        Bettie Page
    --        Boss Tweed
    --        Charles Dickens
    --        Charles Lindbergh
    --        Charlie Chaplin
    --        Clarence Darrow
    --        Fidel Castro
    --        Frank Sinatra
    --        Fred Astaire
    --        George Bush Sr.
    --        Groucho Marx
    --        Grover Cleveland
    --        Harry Truman
    --        J.C. Penney
    --        Janis Joplin
    --        Jimmy Hoffa
    --        Joe Dimaggio
    --        Joe Louis
    --        John F. Kennedy
    --        John Phillip Sousa
    --        John Qunicy Adams
    --        King George VI
    --        Lyndon Baines Johnson
    --        Madonna
    --        Mark Twain
    --        Michael Jordan
    --        Muhammad Ali
    --        Oliver Weldell Holmes
    --        P.T. Barnum
    --        Pope Benedict XV
    --        Pope Gregory XVI
    --        Pope Pius XI
    --        Pope Pius XII
    --        Queen Elizabeth IIU
    --        Red Auerbach
    --        Richard Nixon
    --        Ringo Starr
    --        Robert Kennedy
    --        Roger Maris
    --        Ronald Reagan
    --        Roy Orbison
    --        Ted Kennedy
    --        W.C. Fields
    --        William Jennings Bryan
    --        William McKinley
    --        Willian Taft
              Woodrow Wilson

Celebrity-Worn Wardrobe Cards                Blue    Red     Gold

   SW-1       50 Cent                         B       20
   SW-2       Adam Sandler                    B
   SW-3       Ali Larter                      B       20
   SW-4       Amy Adams                       B       20
   SW-5       Anne Hathaway                   B
   SW-6       Anthony Hopkins                 B       20
   SW-7       Arnold Schwarzenegger           B       20
   SW-8       Ashley Judd                     B               5
   SW-9       Bill Murray                     B       20      5
   SW-10      Jon Bon Jovi                    B       20
   SW-11      Brad Pitt                       B       20
   SW-12      Brenda Song                     B               5
   SW-13      Britney Spears                  B
   SW-14      Brittany Murphy                 B
   SW-15      Cameron Diaz                    B       20
   SW-16      Charlie Sheen                   B
   SW-17      Colin Ferrell                   B       20
   SW-18      Corey Halm                      B       20
   SW-19      Courteney Cox                   B       20
   SW-20      Denzel Washington               B       20
   SW-21      Drew Barrymore                  B       20
   SW-22      Dustin Hoffman                  B       20      5
   SW-23      Ed Norton Jr.                   B       20
   SW-24      Elisha Cuthbert                 B
   SW-25      Eliza Dushku                    B
   SW-26      Forest Whitaker                 B
   SW-27      Gwyneth Paltrow                 B       20
   SW-28      Harrison Ford                   B       20      5
   SW-29      Hillary Duff                    B       20
   SW-30      Jack Black                      B
   SW-31      Jack Nicholson                  B
   SW-32      Jaime Pressly                   B       20
   SW-33      Jeremy Piven                    B       20
   SW-34      John Wayne                      B       20
   SW-35      Jude Law                        B       20
   SW-36      Cate Blanchett                  B       20
   SW-37      Katherine Heigl                 B
   SW-38      Keri Russell                    B       20      5
   SW-39      Kevin Spacey                    B       20
   SW-40      Madonna                         B
   SW-41      Michelle Williams               B
   SW-42      Mira Sorvino                    B       20      5
   SW-43      Morgan Freeman                  B
   SW-44      Richard Gere                    B       20      5
   SW-45      Russell Crow <sic>              B
   SW-46      Sacha Baron Cohen               B       20
   SW-47      Teri Hatcher                    B               5
   SW-48      Tom Hanks                       B
   SW-49      Uma Thurman                     B       20
   SW-50      Vince Vaughn                    B       20


1 of 2        Audrina Patridge
2 of 2        Christopher "Kid" Reid

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