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Pop Century 2014 Masterworks
   Leaf - 2014

Notes: This series features celebrity autographs on sketch cards produced by a
variety of artists. The artist list is incomplete but represents items viewed in 
auctions or reported. a "+" indicates a signer that was not shown on the Leaf 
website checklist. An "x" indicates that cards signed by that celebrity have 
not yet been observed. Thanks to Chris Henderson and Debbie Spence for 
updates! Further information and scans are posted at the Leaf website.

Box: 3 autographed art cards. 5 boxes/case, 189 cases made.

     Autographer             Artists

     Adam Baldwin            Juan Rosales, Studio Mia, Steve Stanley, Brian Kong, Chris 
                               Henderson, Matthew Amor, Dave Sharpe, Huy Truong, Jay 
                               Pangan, Dan Gorman, Kevin-John, Steven Burch, Jon 
     Adrianne Curry          Jim Kyle, Matthew Amor, Jon Rademacher, Kevin-John, Rich 
                               Molinelli, Huy Truong, Brian Kong, Tony Miello, Steve 
                               Stanley, Juan Rosales, Fer Galicia
     Al Pacino               Juan Rosales, Jay Pangan, Fer Galicia, Tony Miello, Huy 
                               Truong, Brian Kong, Jim Kyle, Dave Sharpe, Adam Braun, 
                               Kevin-John, Eban Morales, Steve Stanley, Dan Gorman
     Al Yankovic             Huy Truong, Dave Sharpe, Jon Rademacher, Chris Henderson, 
                               Jim Kyle, Eban Morales, Steven Burch, Juan Rosales, Jay 
                               Pangan, Fer Galicia, Matthew Amor, Studio Mia
     Ali Landry              Eban Morales, Jon Rademacher, Dave Sharpe, Kevin-John, 
                               Jay Pangan, Steven Burch, Brian Kong, Juan Rosales, Steve 
                               Stanley, Fer Galicia, Studio Mia
     Ami Dolenz              Fer Galicia, Adam Braun, Jay Pangan, Eban Morales, Rich 
                               Molinelli, Kevin-John, Huy Truong, Chris Hendersson, Steve
                               Stanley, Studio Mia
     Andrew McCarthy         Kevin-John, Matthew Amor, Fer Galicia, Tony Miello, Brian 
                               Kong, Steve Stanley, Rich Molinelli, Jon Rademacher, 
                               Dave Sharpe, Adam Braun, Eban Morales, Huy Truong, Studio 
     Artimus Pyle            Rich Molinelli, Jay Pangan, Jim Kyle, Studio Mia, Eban
                               Morales, Adam Braun, Brian Kong, Steve Stanley
     Bella Thorne            Adam Braun, Studio Mia, Matthew Amor, Fer Galicia, Jon 
                               Rademacher, Steven Burch, Eban Morales, Jay Pangan, Jim
                               Kyle, Brian Kong, Rich Molinelli, Huy Truong, Dan Gorman, 
                               Chris Henderson, Steve Stanley
     Billy Idol              Jay Pangan, Jim Kyle, Fer Galicia, Eban Morales, Brian 
                               Kong, Matthew Amor, Juan Rosales, Dave Sharpe, Dan 
                               Gorman, Jon Rademacher, Kevin-John
     Brande Roderick         Matthew Amor, Studio Mia, Chris Henderson, Steve Stanley, 
                               Adam Braun, Jon Rademacher, Eban Morales, Kevin-John, 
                               Fer Galicia, Brian Kong, Jim Kyle, Rich Molinelli
     Britt Ekland            Brian Kong, Jay Pangan, Chris Henderson
     Brooke Burns            Fer Galicia, Huy Truong, Juan Rosales, Brian Kong, Jay 
                               Pangan, Matthew Amor
     Bruno Sammartino        Matthew Stewart, Tony Miello, Steve Stanley, Adam Braun, 
                               Rich Molinelli, Dave Sharpe, Juan Rosales
     Burt Reynolds           Eban Morales, Juan Rosales, Brian Kong, Chris Henderson, 
                               Jon Rademacher, Steve Stanley, Tony Miello, Jay Pangan, 
                               Matthew Amor, Jason Adams, Mattbew Stewart, Dave Sharpe,
                               Adam Braun, Studio Mia
     C. Thomas Howell        Jon Rademacher, Fer Galicia, Kevin-John, Tony Miello, 
                               Jay Pangan, Eban Morales, Adam Braun, Rich Molinelli, 
                               Dave Sharpe, Dan Gorman, Matthew Amor, Matthew Stewart
     Cal Ripken Jr.          Matthew Amor, Jay Pangan, Matthew Stewart, Fer Galicia, 
                               Brian Kong, Huy Truong, Eban Morales, Jason Adams, Rich
                               Molinelli, Dan Gorman, Steve Stanley
     Carla Laemmle           Rich Molinelli, Eban Morales, Steve Stanley, Fer Galicia, 
                               Matthew Amor, Jon Rademacher, Brian Kong
     Caroline Munro          Chris Henderson, Juan Rosales
     Carrie Fisher           Jay Pangan, Brian Kong, Rhiannon Owens, Jim Kyle, Matthew 
                               Amor, Jason Adams, Studio Mia, Juan Rosales, Tony Miello, 
                               Fer Galicia, Steve Stanley
     Chelsie Hightower       Chris Henderson, Steve Stanley, Juan Rosales, Huy Truong, 
                               Dave Sharpe, Eban Morales, Rich Molinelli, Jay Pangan, 
                               Jim Kyle
     Christina Applegate     Steve Stanley
     Christopher McDonald    Rich Molinelli, Steve Stanley, Dave Sharpe
     Danny Glover            Jon Rademacher, Rich Molinelli, Matthew Amor, Jay Pangan, 
                               Steve Stanley, Studio Mia, Chris Henderson, Brian Kong, 
                               Juan Rosales
     Daryl Hannah            Juan Rosales, Rich Molinelli, Steve Stanley, Huy Truong, 
                               Brian Kong, Fer Galicia, Jay Pangan, Eban Morales, Matthew
                               Amor, Dave Sharpe, Studio Mia
     Dave Hester             Matthew Amor, Rich Molinelli, Jay Pangan, Dan Gorman, 
                               Kevin-John, Steve Stanley, Brian Kong, Eban Morales, Dave 
     David Hasselhoff        Rich Molinelli, Jason Adams, Brian Kong, Steve Stanley, 
                               Eban Morales, Fer Galicia, Studio Mia, Dan Gorman, Huy 
                               Truong, Jay Pangan, Kevin-John, Clay Sayre, Dave Sharpe
     Debbie Gibson           Dan Gorman, Chris Henderson, Eban Morales, Rich Molinelli, 
                               Matthew Amor, Steve Stanley, Kevin-John, Dave Sharpe, Juan
                               Rosales, Fer Galicia
     Debbie Reynolds         Brian Kong, Rich Molinelli, Studio Mia, Juan Rosales, Dan 
                               Gorman, Eban Morales
     Dennis Rodman           Kevin-John, Matthew Amor, Jim Kyle, Eban Morales, Rich 
                               Molinelli, Juan Rosales, Jon Rademacher, Jason Adams, Fer
                               Galicia, Brian Kong, Chris Henderson, Studio Mia, Jay 
     Diane Franklin          Rich Molinelli, Steve Stanley, Dan Gorman, Matthew Amor, 
                               Jon Rademacher, Jay Pangan, Huy Truong, Eban Morales, 
                               Brian Kong
     Dick Van Dyke           Jay Pangan, Eban Morales, Fer Galicia, Steve Stanley, 
                               Brian Kong, Jon Rademacher, Chris Henderson, Rich 
                               Molinelli, Huy Truong, Matthew Stewart, Adam Braun, Tony
     Donna D'Errico          Clay Sayre, Rich Molinelli, Eban Morales, Matthew Stewart, 
                               Steve Stanley, Brian Kong
     Drea de Matteo          Tony Miello, Steve Stanley, Rich Molinelli, Studio Mia, 
                               Brian Kong, Jon Rademacher, Eban Morales, Matthew Stewart
     Ed Asner                Jon Rademacher, Clay Sayre, Rich Molinelli, Jay Pangan, 
                               Chris Henderson, Juan Rosales, Dave Sharpe
     Ed O'Neill              Rich Molinelli, Clay Sayre, Dan Gorman, Fer Galicia, Huy 
                               Truong, Matthew Amor, Steve Stanley, Tony Miello, Chris
                               Henderson, Eban Morales, Studio Mia
     Erika Eleniak           Clay Sayre, Brian Kong, Dan Gorman, Jay Pangan, Huy Truong, 
                               Kevin-John, Eban Morales, Fer Galicia, Jon Rademacher, 
                               Matthew Amor, Juan Rosales, Rich Molinelli, Studio Mia, 
                               Dave Sharpe
     Erin Andrews            Studio Mia, Jon Rademacher, Brian Kong, Rich Molinelli, Jay 
     Garry Marshall          Chris Henderson, Fer Galicia, Jay Pangan, Clay McCormick
     Gavin MacLeod           Matthew Amor, Juan Rosales, Brian Kong, Eban Morales, 
                               Rich Molinelli, Jay Pangan, Jon Rademacher, Kevin-John, 
                               Chris Henderson
     Gena Lee Nolin          Rich Molinelli, Jay Pangan, Kevin-John, Fer Galicia, 
                               Dave Sharpe, Brian Kong, Juan Rosales, Clay Sayre, 
                               Jon Rademacher, Steve Stanley, Huy Truong
     George Steele           Huy Truong, Matthew Amor, Fer Galicia, Chris Henderson, 
                               Brian Kong, Clay Sayre, Rich Molinelli, Steve Stanley, 
                               Studio Mia, Jay Pangan, Jon Rademacher
     Gina Carano             Chris Henderson
   + Gloria Estefan          Steve Stanley
   + Hayley Atwell           Steve Stanley
     Holly Marie Combs       Jay Pangan, Fer Galicia, Rich Molinelli, Jon Rademacher, 
                               Brian Kong, Eban Morales, Huy Truong, Dave Sharpe
   x Hulk Hogan
     James Gandolfini        Eban Morales, Bill Pulkovski, Dan Gorman, Rich Molinelli, 
                               Steve Stanley, Clay Sayre, Matthew Amor, Dave Sharpe
     James Spader            Steve Stanley
     Jamie Lynn Sigler       Brian Kong, Peter Simeti, Jay Pangan, Clay Sayre, Rich 
                               Molinelli, Dave Sharpe, Tony Miello, Steve Stanley, Juan
                               Rosales, Fer Galicia, Dan Gorman, Kevin-John
     Jason Earles            Dan Gorman, Rich Molinelli, Dave Sharpe, Bill Pulkovski, 
                               Jay Pangan, Steve Stanley, Brian Kong, Juan Rosales
     Jenna Jameson           Juan Rosales, Brian Kong, Dan Gorman, Peter Simeti, Jay 
                               Pangan, Matthew Amor, Eban Morales, Chris Henderson, Clay 
                               Sayre, Rhiannon Owens, Studio Mia, Steve Stanley, Bruce 
                               Gerlach, Dave Sharpe
     Jennie Finch            Brian Kong, Fer Galicia, Steve Stanley, Jay Pangan, 
                               Rich Molinelli, Peter Simeti, Studio Mia, Dave Sharpe, 
                               Bill Pulkovski
     Jennifer Lopez          Rich Molinelli, Brian Kong, Dan Gorman, Fer Galicia, 
                               Steve Stanley, Clay Sayre, Bill Pulkovski, Dave Sharpe, 
                               Matthew Amor, Peter Simeti, Eban Morales
     Jenny McCarthy          Jay Pangan, Tony Miello, Rich Molinelli, Rhiannon Owens, 
                               Matthew Amor, Studio Mia, Peter Simeti, Juan Rosales
     Jeremy Miller           Brian Kong, Rich Molinelli, Jay Pangan, Juan Rosales, Steve 
     Jerry Lewis             Brian Kong, Eban Morales, Rich Molinelli, Matthew Amor, Jay
                               Pangan, Louise Draper
     Joan Collins            Brian Kong, Rich Molinelli, Eban Morales, Fer Galicia,
                               Jay Pangan, Studio Mia, Dave Sharpe, Steve Stanley
     Joey Lauren Adams       Jay Pangan, Dan Gorman, Matthew Amor, Chris Henderson, 
                               Brian Kong, Juan Rosales, Jim Kyle, Rich Molinelli, Eban
                               Morales, Steve Stanley
     John Barrowman          Steve Stanley, Rich Molinelli, Fer Galicia, Brian Kong, 
                               Chris Henderson, Peter Simeti, Eban Morales
     John Ratzenberger       Bill Pulkovski, Jay Pangan, Matthew Amor, Rich Molinelli,
                               Chris Henderson, Studio Mia, Steve Stanley, Dan Gorman, 
                               Peter Simeti, Jim Kyle, Fer Galicia, Kevin-John
     Johnny Manziel          Brian Kong, Chris Henderson, Jay Pangan, Shane McCormick, 
                               Fer Galicia
     Jon Provost             Steve Stanley, Jay Pangan, Juan Rosales, Erik Hodson, 
                               Brian Kong, Rich Molinelli, Fer Galicia, Bill Pulkovski, 
                               Eban Morales, Matthew Amor, Chris Henderson
     Jose Canseco            Clay Sayre, Matthew Amor, Jay Pangan, Eban Morales, Studio 
                               Mia, Chris Henderson, Rich Molinelli, Chris Henderson, 
                               Juan Rosales, Steve Stanley, Brian Kong, Tony Miello, Erik
                               Hodson, Fer Galicia
     Katey Sagal             Rich Molinelli, Jay Pangan, Dan Gorman, Steve Stanley, 
                               Brian Kong, Peter Simeti, Jason Adams, Fer Galicia, Erik
     Kevin McHale            Juan Rosales, Clay Sayre, Rich Molinelli, Brian Kong, Jim 
                               Kyle, Steve Stanley, Jay Pangan, Steven Burch, Studio Mia
     Kevin Sorbo             Matthew Amor, Rich Molinelli, Steven Burch, Chris Henderson, 
                               Jay Pangan, Dan Gorman, Brian Kong, Fer Galicia, Erik 
     Kim Coates              Clay Sayre, Matthew Amor, Dan Gorman, Juan Rosales, Rich 
                               Molinelli, Matt Stewart, Eban Morales, Fer Galicia
     Kristen Renton          Eban Morales, Matthew Stewart, Dan Gorman, Matthew Amor, 
                               Fer Galicia, Rich Molinelli, Chris Henderson
     Kristy McNichol         Steve Stanley, Jim Kyle, Erik Hodson, Brian Kong, Steven 
                               Burch, Juan Morales, Matthew Amor, Eban Morales, Steve 
                               Stanley, Fer Galicia, Rich Molinelli, Clay Sayre, Studio
                               Mia, Tony Miello
     Lana Wood               Brian Kong, Chris Henderson, Shane McCormick
     Lea Michele             Chris Henderson, Fer Galicia, Brian Kong, Rich Molinelli, 
                               Jay Pangan, Matthew Stewart, Bill Pulkovski, Clay Sayre, 
                               Erik Hodson, Matthew Amor, Studio Mia, Peter Simeti,
                               Steve Stanley, Dan Gorman, Jim Kyle
     Linda Blair             Studio Mia, Brian Kong, Rich Molinelli, Steve Stanley, 
                               Chris Henderson, Peter Simeti, Erik Hodson, Matthew Amor
     Lita Ford               Bill Pulkovski, Jay Pangan, Matthew Amor, Chris Henderson, 
                               Steve Stanley, Brian Kong, Eban Morales, Dan Gorman, Juan
                               Rosales, Erik Hodson, Rhiannon Owens, Rich Molinelli, Peter
                               Simeti, Matt Stewart
     Lolo Jones              Steve Stanley, Matthew Amor, Eban Morales, Rich Molinelli, 
                               Brian Kong, Bill Pulkovski, Dan Gorman, Studio Mia, Kevin-
                               John, Chris Henderson, Juan Rosales, Clay Sayre
     Loni Anderson           Brian Kong, Matthew Amor, Jay Pangan, Erik Hodson, Rich 
                               Molinelli, Rhiannon Owens, Chris Henderson, Eban Morales, 
                               Clay Sayre, Juan Rosales, Dan Gorman, Fer Galicia, Studio
                               Mia, Bill Pulkovski, Peter Simeti, Matt Stewart, Steve 
                               Stanley, Tony Miello
   x Luciana Paluzzi
     Mackenzie Phillips      Eban Morales, Brian Kong, Rich Molinelli, Jim Kyle, Juan 
                               Rosales, Chris Henderson, Peter Simeti, Chris Henderson, 
                               Dan Gorman, Jay Pangan
     Magic Johnson           Jay Pangan, Rich Molinelli, Erik Hodson, Juan Rosales, 
                               Chris Henderson, Brian Kong, Eban Morales, Clay Sayre, 
                               Matthew Stewart, Dan Gorman
     Mariel Hemingway        Juan Rosales, Jay Pangan, Studio Mia, Dan Gorman, Eban 
                               Morales, Steve Stanley, Kevin-John, Matthew Amor, Peter 
                               Simeti, Clay Sayre
     Mario Lopez             Juan Rosales, Steve Stanley, Dan Gorman, Jay Pangan, 
                               Rich Molinelli, Peter Simeti, Eban Morales, Matthew
                               Amor, Fer Galicia, Bill Pulkovski
     Mark Spitz              Clay Sayre, Fer Galicia, Brian Kong, Steve Stanley, Jay 
                               Pangan, Bill Pulkovski, Jim Kyle, Rich Molinelli, Peter 
     Martin Landau           Matthew Amor, Brian Kong, Studio Mia, Steve Stanley, Juan 
                               Rosales, Rich Molinelli, Matt Stewart, Eban Morales, Clay
                               Sayre, Jay Pangan, Fer Galicia, Peter Simeti, Kevin-John
     Maud Adams              Erik Hodson, Jay Pangan, Brian Kong
     Mike Tyson              Juan Rosales, Brian Kong
     Naked Cowboy            Studio Mia, Eban Morales, Matthew Amor, Rich Molinelli, 
                               Fer Galicia, Jay Pangan, Steve Stanley, Matt Stewart, 
                               Stephanie Rosales, Jim Kyle, Clay Sayre
   + Nancy Lopez             Matthew Amor
     Nichelle Nichols        Jay Pangan, Rich Molinelli, Fer Galicia, Dan Gorman, 
                               Brian Kong, Jim Kyle, Stephanie Rosales, Steve Stanley, 
                               Peter Simeti, Juan Rosales, Eban Morales, Clay Sayre
     Nicole Eggert           Jim Kyle, Jay Pangan, Juan Rosales, Matthew Stewart, 
                               Peter Simeti, Erik Hodson, Clay Sayre, Steve Stanley, 
     Norman Reedus           Eban Morales, Rich Molinelli, Fer Galicia, Stephanie 
                               Rosales, Peter Simeti, Kevin-John, Juan Rosales, Brian
                               Kong, Studio Mia, Jim Kyle, Jay Pangan, Steve Stanley, 
                               Dan Gorman
     Olivia d'Abo            Juan Rosales, Steve Stanley, Tony Miello, Eban Morales, 
                               Matthew Amor, Stephanie Rosales, Jim Kyle, Fer Galicia, 
                               Jay Pangan, Erik Hodson, Studio Mia, Rich Molinelli, 
                               Peter Simeti
   + Paris Hilton            Steve Stanley
     Pat Boone               Steve Stanley, Tony Miello, Brian Kong, Matthew Amor, Jay 
                               Pangan, Dan Gorman, Juan Rosales, Rich Molinelli, Louise
     Patty Duke              Rich Molinelli, Matthew Amor, Kevin-John, Eban Morales.
                               Peter Simeti, Louise Draper, Brian Kong, Jay Pangan, 
                               Stephanie Morales
     Pete Rose               Kevin-John, Fer Galicia, Jay Pangan, Juan Rosales, Louise 
                               Draper, Matthew Amor, Peter Simeti, Matt Stewart, Rich
                               Molinelli, Brian Kong
     Peter Tork              Rich Molinelli, Eban Morales, Fer Galicia, Erik Hodson, 
                               Matthew Amor, Juan Rosales, Steve Stanley, Brian Kong, 
                               Stephanie Rosales
     Priscilla Presley       Rich Molinelli, Eban Morales, Peter Simeti, Matthew Amor, 
                               Jay Pangan, Louise Draper, Erik Hodson, Matt Stewart, 
                               Juan Morales, Fer Galicia, Matt Stanley
     Ric Flair               Brian Kong, Matthew Stewart, Stephanie Rosales, Eban 
                               Morales, Matthew Amor, Jay Pangan, Rich Molinelli, 
                               Kevin-John, Fer Galicia, Juan Rosales, Steve Stanley
     Richard Chamberlain     Matthew Stewart, Kevin-John, Juan Rosales, Erik Hodson, 
                               Fer Galicia, Dan Gorman, Jim Kyle, Eban Morales, Kevin-
                               John, Jay Pangan, Stephanie Rosales
     Robert Hays             Rich Molinelli, Eban Morales, Jay Pangan, Louise Draper, 
                               Peter Simeti, Matthew Amor, Juan Rosales, Brian Kong, 
                               Kevin-John, Stephanie Rosales
     Robert Loggia           Rich Molinelli, Eban Morales, Kevin-John, Peter Simeti, 
                               Louise Draper, Erik Hodson, Juan Rosales, Jay Pangan, 
                               Matthew Amor, Jim Kyle, Steve Stanley
     Roger Moore             Rich Molinelli, Matthew Stewart, Stephanie Rosales, Eban 
                               Morales, Jay Pangan, Tony Miello, Louise Draper, Fer 
                               Galicia, Matthew Amor
     Rose Marie              Kevin-John, Brian Kong, Matt Stewart, Jim Kyle, Jay Pangan, 
                               Rich Molinelli, Fer Galicia, Erik Hodson, Tony Miello, 
                               Dan Gorman, Jay Pangan, Matthew Amor, Peter Simeti
   + Rza                     Steve Stanley
     Sam Trammell            Tony Miello, Rich Molinelli, Louise Draper, Erik Hodson, 
                               Matthew Amor, Eban Morales
     Sarah Palin             Brian Kong, Shane McCormack
     Sean Astin              Rich Molinelli, Erik Hodson, Fer Galicia, Steven Burch, 
                               Brian Kong, Dan Gorman, Kevin-John, Jay Pangan, 
                               Stephanie Rosales
   + Sherry Stringfield      Steve Stanley
   + Skylar Diggins          Steve Stanley
   + Sophie Turner           Steve Stanley
     Sugar Ray Leonard       Steve Stanley, Rich Molinelli, Fer Galicia, Louise 
                               Draper, Jay Pangan
     Tara Reid               Jay Pangan, Fer Galicia, Erik Hodson, Rhiannon Owens, 
                               Steve Stanley, Matthew Amor, Rich Molinelli, Matt 
                               Stewart, Brian Kong
     Taryn Manning           Rich Molinelli, Matthew Amor, Rhiannon Owens, Jay Pangan, 
                               Tony Miello, Jim Kyle, Louise Draper
     Ted Nugent              Rich Molinelli, Matthew Amor, Erik Hodson, Brian Kong, Jay 
                               Pangan, Ashleigh Popplewell, Louise Draper, Fer Galicia, 
                               Eban Morales
     Tim Curry               Matthew Stewart, Matthew Amor, Jim Kyle, Eban Morales, Jay 
                               Pangan, Erik Hodson, Fer Galicia, Steve Stanley, Brian
                               Kong, Jason Adams, Kevin-John, Stephanie Morales
     Tony Dow                Erik Hodson, Jim Kyle, Tony Miello, Rich Molinelli, 
                               Kevin-John, Jay Pangan, Dan Gorman, Fer Galicia
     Tony Orlando            Rich Molinelli, Steve Stanley, Matthew Stewart, Jay 
                               Pangan, Ashleigh Popplewell, Eban Morales, Kevin-John, 
                               Matthew Amor, Erik Hodson, Fer Galicia, Tony Miello
     Too $hort               Jay Pangan, Rich Molinelli, Matthew Stewart, Kevin-John, 
                               Tony Miello, Brian Kong, Fer Galicia, Matthew Amor
     Verne Troyer            Dan Gorman, Rich Molinelli, Jay Pangan, Matthew Stewart, 
                               Jim Kyle, Steve Stanley, Eban Morales, Brian Kong, 

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