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   Chix Confectionery - 1959

Notes:The set is often referred to as "Popeye Cartoons" but this can be confused with 
another set. Card fronts feature color comic artwork, while backs have text, riddles, 
and cartoon art.

No.   Caption

  1   See that fist? Know what I oughtta do with it?
  2   Gorsh! He musta migrated!
  3   I wunna why me head keeps on poundin'?
  4   Blow me down! I fergotted to hang up the phone!
  5   Wake up, Wimpy! It's my turn!
  6   Help me with this one too - You know I know nothing about fishing!
  7   Hold these, Wimpy, while I pick some more
  8   Low bridge!
  9   Yes, I used to be a tattooist! How did you guess?
 10   Pooey on beads! Got any rock-n-roll records?
 11   Now let's see ya get hairs down me collar!
 12   Nuts
 13   Swee'pea! Come outa there at oncet!
 14   Unusual socks, ain't they?
 15   Ulp - O, well - he's too big for a rug, anyway!
 16   Yas - This bulk is OK, Olive!
 17   Forgotten anything? No, sir - I'm on a hike!
 18   Woodworm!
 19   My new shoes are so comfy, I hardly know I've got them on!
 20   Me uncle is golf champeen of Orstralia!
 21   O my gorsh! Ya left the refriggerater door open again!
 22   Do you wear glasses for reading?
 23   Avast! Tha'ssa wrong toothk!
 24   Arf! Arf! Swee'pea is givin' the chicking boilin' watr so it will lay boiled eggs!
 25   You doesn't know, what good honesk work is!
 26   There! The nex' bus will have to stop!
 27   Don't cry, See'pea - I aint hurted meself!
 28   It is an orphan kangaroo I adopted!
 29   Whose is the milk?
 30   Ahoy, upstairs! You left yer eleckric iron on!
 31   Honesty is my policy, sir!
 32   Them ruins is ten thousing years old!
 33   Tha's no good to me - I ain't got no bumps!
 34   Ahoy! Don't dive, Sweepea! The pool is empky!
 35   Faster, sir - We have hardly moved in two hours!
 36   Move back from the fire, Pommy - I think yer warping!
 37   Of all places to lose yer marble!
 38   Olive, stiop singin' when I'm readin'!
 39   I Suspose they is pen-pals!
 40   Yoohoo, Popeye - been waiting long?
 41   I'll fetch a rope, sir - Stay there - Don't go away!
 42   Don't give up, Wimpy - only another yard ta go!
 43   Allus fight yer emeny with his own weppings
 44   You should oughta git some flypapers, Olive!
 45   Kindly pass the mustard, sir!
 46   A ship! We're saved!
 47   I must hung my mirror upside-down!
 48   Cobbler: Shoes Repaired While U Wait
 49   Naw, yer can not take no elefunks home fer tea!
 50   See what I means?

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