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Popeye Trading Cards
   Ad-Trix - 1959

Notes: Cards feature full-color cartoon panels on fronts and mock advertisements 
on card  backs. Packaging also refers to "Popeye Action Picture Cards (3-D 
effects)". American Card Catalog reference is R738-1. Scans are posted at the 
Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.  Front Caption                                        Back Advertisement

  1  Grr Gr-r                                             Salad Dressing Mixed by Olive
  2  Hello, my name is Olive! Do you like wild Flowers??  Cottage Cheese
  3  Oh, my gorsh! A banana peel!                         Wimpy's Double Split Peas
  4  (Olive dreams of wedding)                            Olive Oyl's Mud-Pack
  5  SPLAT                                                Goon Jam
  6  Gotcha!!                                             Popeye's Guaranteed Mountain Honey
  7  Well, blow me down!!                                 Catnip
  8  Hah!! A sword was just what I needed!!               Popeye's Smoked Fish
  9  BIZZ-ZIZZ                                            Popeye's Hair Tonic
 10  U-V-W-X-Y and Z                                      Swee'Pea's Extra Fine Grape Soda
 11  Aw, pipe down!! C'mon, let's dance!!                 Swee'Pea's Red Apple Cider
 12  I cannot do this all day long on account of I yam    Condensed! Milk
        meetin' Olive for lunch!!
 13  YOWP                                                 Popeye's Fast-Talk Parrot Corn
 14  ? - WHOMP                                            Prof. Wotasnozzle's Scientifically Spinachized - Super Strength-Storing Dog Food
 15  OUCH                                                 Popeye's Pancake Flour
 16  Z z z z z z z z                                      Baked Beans
 17  ? - Swish                                            Popeye's Flash! Shoe Polish
 18  How little do you want th' pieces, Olive??           Popey'e Baking Powder
 19  C'mon in, Wimpy. I got the tickets                   Diplomatic Orange Juice
 20  The calf wants his poppa an' momma!!                 Swee'pea Ice Cream
 21  They have got all th' nuts off th' groun'!!          High Gloss Giraffe Soap
 22  Excuse me, but Olive is my girl friend!!             Wimpy's Meat Sauce
 23  YOWP (ram)                                           Wimpy's Chili Beans
 24  Whazzamatter?? Don't it fit??                        Popeye's Delightful Happy Cookies
 25  ! - ? - ? - ! - ? - !                                Popeye's Fresh! Potato Chips
 26  ? - ? - Arf - January                                Brown Sugar
 27  (Popeye punches Bluto)                               Popeye's Starch
 28  SOCK                                                 Popeye's Scrambled Eggs
 29  Lunch Room                                           Wimpy's Ready to Consume Hamburger
 30  She is Pauline the Pelican!!                         Olive Oyl's Peach Jam
 31  Well, blow me down! Arf Arf                          Spinachized! Raw Milk for Baby Monkeys
 32  Who said we couldn't grow things?                    Popeye's Wonder Bush
 33  ! ? ! ? ? ?                                          Wimpy's Mustard Buns
 34  SPLAT - GROWCH                                       Popeye's Fresh Turtle Soup
 35  SOK                                                  One Punch Jam
 36  KLOUT - ?                                            Popeye's Custom Mixed Caro-Nach
 37  OWWW                                                 Swee'pea Cookies
 38  (Popeye & bull)                                      Popeye's Explorers' Lunch
 39  (Popeye, Olive, & bathing beauty)                    Popeye's Island Corn
 40  SOCK
 41  (Popeye, Olive, & birds)                             George W. Geezil's Bird's Nest Soup
 42  Wimpy! I can't hold it all day                       Wimpy's Correct Time!
 43  (Popeye & swordfish)                                 Popeye's Tuna Fish
 44  You saved my life,                                   John Sappo's Glow Soap
 45  (Popeye & octopus)                                   Popeye's Sailor's Hash
 46  No fishing without a license                         Popeye's Fish Cake
 47  Magic music!! The fish can not resist!!              Popeye's Sea Salt
 48  Jus' tell me where ya wants th' house!               Popeye's High-Test Spinach
 49  Working for Peanuts                                  Popeye's Elephant Cakes
 50  Popeye! No water                                     Popeye's Happy Hen Eggs
 51  (Popeye, Olive, & mule)                              Popeye's Best Concentrated Liquefied Sun Shine
 52  OUCH                                                 Popeye's Quack Food
 53  (Popeye & cow-moose)                                 Popeye's Horse-Radish
 54  PLOP - GR-ROWL - GR-RR                               John Sappo's Giant Peas
 55  AH!                                                  John Sappo's Taste Pills
 56  No Fishing                                           Popeye's Fish Biscuits Spinachized
 57  (Popeye, bull, & policeman)                          Popeye's Wimpy Tested Mustard
 58  Olive! Cream and sugar?                              Cube Sugar
 59  Oh, goody! Nuts everywhere!!                         Imported Carrot Candy
 60  Oh, my gorsh!!                                       Swee'Pea's Onion Juice
 61  City Ball Park                                       Popeye's Polly Crackers
 62  The soaps gone! - Arf Arf                            Professor Wotasnozzle's Super-Marvelous Fuzzle Buzzle Soap
 63  SOK                                                  Dr. J. W. Wimpy's Glistening Ice Water
 64  SPLAT                                                Jeep Biscuit
 65  Popeye, you'll have to help poor little me across    Popeye's Cactus Soup
        this big mud puddle!
 66  (Olive punches Popeye)                               Spaghetti with Spinach Sauce

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