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Popeye Jumbo Trading Cards
Dynamic Toy Inc. - 1962

Notes:  This was one of a series of four large-format (3-1/4" x 5-1/2") cards, 
sold either in packs or as a boxed factory set. Other entries in the series are: 
Ripley's Believe It or Not (#1-35), The Flintstones (#36-70), Walt Disney 
Characters (#71-105), and Barbie and Ken (#141-175).

No.   Caption / Scene

106   (hooking a swordfish)
107   Don't look at me like you're hungry!
108   (Swee'Pea dreams of Popeye and buzzard)
109   Yip-ee!
110   Swell Doughnuts! Yum!!
111   Is at th'real you?! Arf! Arf!
112   Wimpy! Want your fortune told?!
113   I yam what I yam!
114   (Olive attempts squash)
115   (Popeye carries a yellow steer)
116   Me love-um heap ice cream!
117   Round 1
118   Duck Farm 8 miles / Hamburgers 12 miles
119   (Olive attempts roller-skating)
120   (Popeye and white boxing gloves)
121   See? Magic Pills!! Heh! Heh!
122   (buzzard perches on Brutus)
123   I hate you! You're so pretty!
124   To Popeye's house
125   Boo, yer'self!!
126   Dee-luscious! - That's twenty, so far!
127   A pretzel!! Er --- my mistake!
128   (Wimpy wards off buzzard with salt)
129   (Wimpy squirted by goldfish)
130   An' I say flowers is purty, ya swab!
131   Treasure Map / Arf! Arf!
132   Eat hearty, my little hamburger on the hoof!
133   (Brutus smoking)
134   'At's my ball!
135   S'cuse me, Brutus!
136   B-zzzz / Zoom
137   Oh, my gorsh! Arf! Arf! Arf!
138   Smack! / Stomp (Olive luvs Popeye)
139   Ballet School
140   ABC Cook Book

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