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Planet of the Apes [movie]
   Topps - 1969

Notes: Cards show an Apjac Productions copyright date of 1967, the year 
of the original filming. American Card Catalog reference is R710-21. Scans 
are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   Crash Landing!
  2   Bail Out!
  3   Stranded!
  4   Spaceman George Taylor!
  5   First Sign of Life!
  6   Discovery!
  7   Man Vs. Beast!
  8   Captives of the Apes!
  9   Stalking Human Prey!
 10   Another Prisoner!
 11   Nova Is Captured!
 12   No Escape!
 13   Ape Brutality!
 14   Captured!
 15   The Victors!
 16   Proud Conquerors!
 17   "Say Cheese!"
 18   Ape Surgeon!
 19   Taylor's Life Is Saved!
 20   Pleading for Mercy!
 21   Caged!
 22   Taylor's Ally!
 23   Words of Anger!
 24   Human on a Leash!
 25   Return to Prison!
 26   Ape Scientist!
 27   Taylor's Escape Fails!
 28   Zoo Attendant!
 29   Water Torture!
 30   Ape Madhouse!
 31   Manacled!
 32   Ape Jury!
 33   Speaking Against Taylor!
 34   The Trial Continues!
 35   Ape City!
 36   Deciding Taylor's Fate!
 37   Escape!
 38   The Search!
 39   The Forbidden Zone!
 40   "Under Arrest!"
 41   Friends of the Human!
 42   Farewell!
 43   Man's Destiny!
 44   Lights! Camera! Action!

 --   Wrapper - 5c

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