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The Powerpuff Girls
Hunt's Snack Pack - 2002

Note:  These cards were attached (with perforations) to boxes of Hunt's 
Snack Packs. They are approximately 5-3/16" x 2-7/16" with blank cardboard 

No.   Title / Scent

  1   Blossom
  2   Bubbles
  3   Buttercup
  4   (test tube background)
  5   (girls with Professor)
  6   Pokey Oaks Kindergarten
  7   (cityscape and playground)
  8   Saving the World Before Bedtime.
  9   Fighting the Forces of Evil!
 10   The Day Is Saved!
 11   (skyscraper background)
 12   (laughing with cactus)

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